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Otakusphere Weekly #1: Spring 2016 and Candy

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Remember how I kept threatening to do another anime podcast? Well, I make good on my threatsРat least, my podcast-related threats. This week, Lifesong of Spiced Seven and Salvador of Japanator join me to discuss Dagashi Kashi, ERASED, and our hopes/fears for the Spring 2016 season. Warning: spoilers for the movie The Butterfly Effect in our ERASED discussion.

Since we kept it pretty simple for this first episode, I didn’t go nuts and make an incredibly detailed outline. However, for those of you that cannot function without an outline (I understand), here you are:

0:00 Intro and Dagashi Kashi: do we even want any of this candy?

7:33 ERASED: did we need more mystery in this mystery?


16:59 Spring 2016 anime chat, plus we solve the mystery of Mari Okada’s variable quality, once and for all.

44:20 SPECIAL BONUS SECTION: Why does everyone hate KyoAni?

Comments welcome, but if you just comment to point out that I kept pronouncing Mari Okada’s name as “Marie” like a dumb gaijin, don’t bother because I am a dumb gaijin and these things happen. Seriously, I hope some anime fans enjoy our little show, and I’m excited to be podcasting again:).