I like to do annotated playthroughs of games, similar to SSLPs (Screenshot Let’s Plays), but relatively light on the screenshots and heavy on the text. I’m interested in branching out into other media and playing around with video Let’s Plays and other neat stuff, but for now it’s all  good ol’ fashioned words and pictures.

Current Projects:

Parasite Eve

Status: I first started this, my first SSLP, back in…2008. Oh my God. Oh my God. I have no idea how this happened, but I think I’ve created the slowest updating LP of all time. In any case, it’s ALMOST done, I swear.

Part 1: Gaming’s Worst Date

Part 2: Spelunking Through Carnegie Hall

Part 3: People Were Actually Set On Fire

Part 4: Ghosts of Manhattan

Part 5: Nothing Is Going Right For Ben This Christmas

Part 6: Sassy Electron Microscope Snatch

Part 7: Guns Aren’t Bad, Three-Headed Police Dogs Are Bad

Part 8: Race Against The Womb

Part 9: Crabcakes And Rocket Launchers

Special Soundtrack Edition

Tomb Raider

Status: Completed the first game. Ideally I’d like to play all the way through the series to TR6, Angel of Darkness eventually, but no farther- I don’t consider the Crystal Dynamics games to be part of the same series.

TR1 Overview


City of Vilcabamba

Lost Valley

Tomb of Qualopec

St. Francis’ Folly


Palace Midas

The Cistern

Tomb of Tihocan

City of Khamoon

Obelisk of Khamoon

Sanctuary of the Scion

Natla’s Mines


The Great Pyramid

Possible Future Playthroughs:

Final Fantasy Series- I would start with the original Final Fantasy, of course. Probably the most likely candidate, but I’m not starting this until I finish the PE and TR1 playthroughs, at the very least.

Fate/Stay Night (visual novel)About twelve people want me to do this, several of which I’m RELATED TO. I’m not sure if I could make an annotated playthrough of a visual novel interesting though.

Ehrgeiz The Forsaken Dungeon- Really a poor idea for a Let’s Play for a lot of reasons, but I’m tempted to do it anyway since I have an irrational love for the RPG mode of this quasi-obscure game.

2 thoughts on “Games”

  1. Hi there! I was fortunate enough to discover your blog via a circuitous route… first, through Google I happened upon one of your early Parasite Eve posts on an old blog, which I enjoyed immensely. I poked around a bit online hoping to find more of your writing, and after turning up some dead ends I eventually found my way here!

    I just wanted to say that your enthusiasm for Parasite Eve (critical, as opposed to blind enthusiasm) is very much appreciated. I started playing this game for the very first time just one week ago – what can I say, this game was never released in Europe! – and have been genuinely surprised at how involving and refreshing this game is, both in terms of the atmosphere and the briskly paced gameplay. I can definitely see how this game could make a real impact on someone playing it at a young age, as a teenager say.

    For one, the the premise of playing as a female NYPD cop is cool. Nice change from the usual JRPG teenage male “chosen one” plot. Also, although the writing has a few shortcomings, there’s some wonderful attention to detail that comes across in the script. I was already aware of this to an extent but your posts have helped me appreciate some things in the game that would’ve gone unnoticed otherwise.

    So yes, thanks again, your writing sets the bar high and I can only hope that one day I might be able to approach it in my own attempts. I’m excited now to dive into your Tomb Raider posts as that’s another game I re-played recently.

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