Fourth Rebuild of Evangelion Movie Announced for 2020

Rebuild of Evangelion Key Visual

Anyone who has been connected to the anime blogs or social media accounts have no doubt heard the whispers over the last few months. Studio Khara had begun production on Shin Evangelion and was hiring people in various fields including animation.

Last night, however, we were all able to take a collective exhale as reports surfaced that the fourth and final Evangelion rebuild movie will be released to Japanese theaters in 2020.

No other details were released for the movie beyond that which came via a short announcement video which was tacked on before a screening of Mirai of the Future in Japan.

As you might expect, this is being treated as pretty big news by fans around the world. I’ve always had a weird relationship with Evangelion, but I won’t get into that here because that just gets in the way of the pleasant feeling. [Editor’s Note: Am I the only one who can’t wait to hear about LB’s “weird relationship” with Eva? I can’t be the only one.]

The Rebuild of Evangelion series has been going on for quite a few years now, with the first movie in the series released in 2007. Then we had to wait two years for the second. Then another three years for the third, and now after about six years of additional waiting, we’ll finally get to see the grand finale. For fans who came into this series via the original TV series in 1995, this is pretty special.

Stay tuned to this site for more details as they come out over the next couple of years!

Via IT Media

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