Sword Art Online Alternative, Episodes 7 and 8

I decided to do a double post again, since not that much happened in episode 7. LLENN’s new partner Fuka is a lot of fun to watch, especially because she’s a different kind of crazy from Pito, but still pretty darn crazy. It’s like level-headed LLENN is just a magnet for crazy people, and this is something she’s just going to have to deal with for the rest of her life. Anyway, despite the fact that the show insists on calling them Team LF (boring), to me they are Team Death By Loli, and I feel good about it.

Earlier in the series I mentioned that I really don’t care about Pito, and that’s still true; I mean, I think her obsession with in-game death is somewhat interesting, but she could drop out of the story tomorrow and I wouldn’t really care. Now I’m trying to figure out if the fact that I don’t care about her is really hurting the story at this point. Technically LLENN is trying to save Pito, so being invested in Pito’s fate would make for a better story, right? But Pito is functioning as an antagonist in the competition, so it’s not like the show is asking me to root for her.

Pito is not a very nice lady, and probably a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Now if only I found her as interesting as the players of GGO seem to.

I want LLENN to succeed in defeating Pito and M in the Squad Jam for Karen’s sake, but considering the fact that Pito and M could jump off a cliff together and I wouldn’t care, it’s hard to feel like a lot is riding on the outcome of this competition. I imagine we’re going to learn something about Pito’s tragic backstory soon that will make us care about her, but I’m not sure I want that to happen; it would be refreshing if she were just a psychopath, straight-up, and that’s all there is to her. Like the show fades into a flashback, and we’re waiting to find out that her father neglected her as a child or something, and then it turns out her past was totally normal and she just really wants to die in a video game for some reason.

See, I complain that I don’t care about Pito, then I complain that I don’t want to care about her…so what do I want? What do women want? What do anime bloggers want? I don’t know. I think this setup, with LLENN being all “Don’t you dare die before I KILL YOU, Pito!” is clever and makes good use of the premise, but emotionally, it’s lacking.

Why do things look insanely cool the more physically implausible they would be in real life? I’m a sucker for the whole landing-on-the –sword/gun move, and it’s really stupid. I can’t help it though, it looks badass.

I do appreciate the fact that we jumped into SJ2 pretty fast with very little messing around beforehand, but as a result, it seems like Fuka had barely any time to get used to playing GGO. She says that she practiced lobbing grenades for hours, but is that really enough time to develop the mastery of the weapon that she has? After all, the people playing in SJ2 are supposed to be the cream of the crop, people who’ve been mastering this game for months, if not years; it seems a little convenient that Fuka got that good that fast. I guess we just have to assume that Miyu is a very talented gamer, no matter what she’s playing.

Was it really necessary to go for the crotch-kill, LLENN? I think she’s just showing off for her fangirls at this point.

So now we’re waiting for Pito to slaughter a bunch of foolish opponents; I hope the way she does it is suitably clever, because we’ve been hearing for a while what a good player Pito is supposed to be, but we’ve never really seen it. If it involves using one or more members of her team as a suicide bomber, I’m buying myself ice cream for being smart and seeing it coming.

My level of interest in this show is dropping a little, but it’s still enjoyable enough; it’s just not giving me a whole lot to talk about at the moment. I do hope that sometime before the end of the season, we see the girls’ rhythmic gymnastics team at a tournament or something, and they’re all busy on their laptops playing GGO and totally ignoring whatever they’re supposed to be doing.

“Ladies, what are you doing? it’s time for the synchronized baton-twirling prelims! Get your leotards ready!”

“Shut up Coach, we got sassy bitches to shoot!”

“But girls, we’ve practiced for months for this competition and–”

“Oh FUCK it’s that blonde chick with the twin grenade launchers, everybody hide under the truck!” *Cue Massive Explosion* “Damn You, Death By Loli!”

2 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Alternative, Episodes 7 and 8”

  1. I like Pito, she is the right kind of crazy to be interesting. I’m more interested in seeing M’s tactics though. I like the stuff he comes up with. I kinda don’t think he will use someone as a suicide bomber, but who knows. I won’t be shocked if that does happen and Pito killing allies seems like a given after all we’ve been told about her. I can totally buy her being a popular player with a bad reputation. She fits that role pretty well imo and so maybe I’m a bit more emotionally invested just because I can relate with running into crazy gamers? (and am totally guilty of being one to some degree…)

    Fuka is hilarious. I thought her skill was a bit odd until they told us she had been practicing a ton. We know she was at least strong enough to get into a fight with Yuuki in ALfheim Online, even though she got her ass kicked… Just that she was even fighting her is a good indication of how much Fuka games. All the games use the same basic game engine so I guess it doesn’t shock me too much that she is already good at physics in the world of GGO. That’s all you really need for the weapons she picked. The close range face shot was all skill. Fuka gets points for that one.

    I’m not sure how emotionally invested I am in the characters, but I’m enjoying the fight/situation a good deal. It makes me want to jump in and compete myself and so I suspect a good fight is all I’ll really need to get the emotional gears spinning.

  2. Yeah I guess shooting in GGO is probably similar to spell-targeting in other MMOs of the era and stuff. It’s kind of funny how I wish we knew a little bit more about how these games worked, on a nuts-and-bolts kind of level, when putting too much of that in the story would probably be an unnecessary distraction. But there’s a part of me that wants to know!

    Re:investment, I realized after I posted this that my viewing of this show is probably being affected by watching DarlingFra at the same time. Darling happens to be pushing a lot of my buttons, and this show doesn’t seem to be doing that anymore, so it seems lacking in comparison. But I realize that’s not actually a fair comparison, just something I unwittingly started to do.

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