Golden Kamuy, Episode One

Wow, what an incredibly well-done episode of an anime that I will never watch any more of.

I was excited for this preseason because of the opportunity to learn about Ainu culture, but the violence is just too much for me. When a single episode includes a battle from the Russo-Japanese war (with bayonets), cutting a person’s skin off, and killing multiple bears, that’s past my limit for dark stuff.

Granted, I think with the themes Golden Kamuy seems to be dealing with here, it should be visceral and dark; I’m not disputing that. I just have minimal tolerance for violence and gore, and that’s my problem. I am intrigued by several aspects of the story though, so I could see myself reading a summary of it after it’s aired, or something to that effect; it’s just, if I try to watch any more, I’ll be watching through my fingers.

So I give this show the weird recommendation that if you have a tolerance for something that I absolutely do not, you will probably enjoy it. And hey, all you guys out there who love to say that “moe is killing anime?” That modern anime is too fluffy and cutesy, and you want to go back to the good old days when it was all hyper-violent OVAs, like that part with the dog getting ripped apart in Battle Angel Alita? You guys had better watch the hell out of this. Watch it, buy the Blu-Ray, cosplay as the Immortal Sugimoto at cons, whatever it takes to show your support.

Because this is the kind of anime that a huge chunk of anime fans keep claiming they want, and if it doesn’t end up being successful, I’m going to have to wonder what the fuck you’re all talking about.

2 thoughts on “Golden Kamuy, Episode One”

  1. ^Buy the manga from VIZ Media too if they want to see more than just the 12 episodes that air. Add that. XD

    I’ll tell you a funny story on why the manga got licensed here despite historical fiction manga not selling well in North America. Apparently, one of VIZ’s editors said it was because of 1.) someone in their office was a huge military otaku and 2.) internet culture.

    I got hooked into the series because it had everything I liked (yes, including violence).


  2. Checking out the manga is a good idea; usually violence is a lot less offputting to me as still images than it is in animated form. Not always, but often.

    The problem is there’s way too much good manga out I’d like to buy these days, and I’m not sure how high Golden Kamuy fits in on that list. Lately I’ve just been watching anime and ignoring manga, because if I start thinking about manga, I’ll start thinking about how I can’t afford to buy all the manga I want, and then I’ll be sad.

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