Otakusphere Weekly #23: I Want You, Main Character Girl!

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This week Kae gets fat again and then unfat really quickly, Ren temporarily jazzes up Uta Pri by declaring his inexplicable feelings for evil succubus Nanami, Izetta handles it’s spying plot in perhaps the most obnoxious way possible yet somehow makes up for it by giving us the visual of Fine eating pie, and uh…something something gay figure skating? Look, I’ll give you a better synopsis next time, I think the Tofu Turkey I ate might have temporarily broke the thing in my brain that allows me to summarize podcasts. The yams though? Those yams were DYNAMITE!

2 thoughts on “Otakusphere Weekly #23: I Want You, Main Character Girl!”

  1. Hello long time listener and infreqent commenter here and have a few things to say.
    1.I was thinking that Otakusphere weekly used to be a tubby podcast but watching Rezero 15 traumatized it and the podcast hid in bed until the fall season when it became all slender and now all the boys are fawning over it.
    2.About Symphogear, is it not obvious that this is a really deep show? When Hibiki punched that mountain while riding a spaceship in the first episode of GX, it was definitely symbolic of the struggle between man and nature.
    3.I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy Hanukkah to you Karen.

    1. If we’re Kae from Kiss Him, Not Me, you know what this means: We’re due for a major shipping war. I’m throwing my hat in the ring with YuriXVictor, yeah I put YURI ON TOP whatcha gonna do about it??????????

      Merry Christmas and thanks for listening:)

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