Otakusphere Weekly #18: Pretty Boy Overload


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Otakusphere Weekly is back for fall, the perfect accessory for your SuperCool Autumn Otaku Life. This week, we take on the beginning of the fall season’s offerings including Magical Girl Raising Project, Izetta:The Last Witch, Magic-Kyun Renaissance, Uta no Prince-Sama Maji Love Sparkle Sparkle Legend Star Sparkle Sparkle Whatever, Scorching Ping Pong Girls, and many more. We also discuss which shows from last season we watched until the bitter end, the dangers of scuba diving, and the fact that my neighborhood is lacking a Denny’s.

Why can’t I have a Denny’s? Is that really so much to ask?Sometimes you just wake up and want a Grand Slam Breakfast, know what I’m saying?

2 thoughts on “Otakusphere Weekly #18: Pretty Boy Overload”

  1. Happy Fall season! Will you be discussing the rest of Re:Zero when LB returns? I’m curious of what you all thought of the ending.

  2. We definitely want to have a big Re:Zero discussion at some point; it’ll probably be easier to do in a few weeks when all the new stuff we’re watching has tapered off a bit.

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