Otakusphere Weekly #5: Let’s Just Get Drunk, Draw Pictures and See What Happens

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On the plus side, we are now at the point of the season where we remember maybe 10% of the characters’ names, which is an achievement to be proud of. On the minus, this was kind of a sucky week for anime, with a lot of shows treading water after their introductory arcs. Fortunately, Bakuon!! is here to save us with its tales of Jesus’ favorite motorcycle, and I discover that a cartoon I saw when I was practically a toddler was an anime, meaning I’ve been an anime fan for even longer than I thought.

In other news, someone on the show is investigating the massive, nubile world of cosplay boobs (not telling you who), we learn that rampaging school girls in ankle-length pleated skirts were once a real matter of public concern, High School Fleet fails to garner the Official Navy Seal of Approval,  and Sal has a friend of a friend who may be a Tonkatsu DJ…or maybe just a regular DJ? I’m just going to assume all DJ-ing involves fried delicacies now.

00:00:00 Explanation of Senpai/Kohai system
00:00:53 Big Order 2
00:06:28 Kiznaiver 3
00:09:21 The Lost Village 4
00:12:06 Re:Zero 4
00:17:40 Flying Witch 3
00:20:08 Joker Game 4
00:22:29 Twin Star Exorcists 3
00:27:14 Macross Delta 4
00:29:12 Kuma Miko 4
00:32:01 Bakuon!! 4
00:38:32 And You Thought There Was Never a Girl Online 3

00:40:05 BREAK

00:40:33 Anne-Happy 3
00:43:37 Bungo Stray Dogs 3
00:47:18 Tanaka-kun is Always Listless 3
00:50:45 Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto 2
00:53:42 High School Fleet 3
01:00:03 Super Lovers 4
01:03:23 Ace Attorney 4 (DROPPED)
01:06:17 Cerebrus 4
(chibi league)
01:08:50 Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou 3
01:11:33 Space Patrol Luluco 4
01:15:54 Pan De Peace 4


Questions and comments welcome…unless you want to defend the idea of three episodes constituting a “season” of anything, then you can just go to hell quite frankly.

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