Otakusphere Weekly #4: The Ghost In The Clubroom

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This time around, Lifesong and I prove that we are terrible at dropping shows, because we like pretty much everything even when we should definitely know better. LB and Sal prove more disciplined, meaning they will actually have time for proper meals and acts of personal hygiene this season. Meanwhile, Big Order premieres and joins our massive list of shows, and uh…is it just me, or does that title not fit the show at all? Big Order sounds like it should be the subtitle for Season 4 of Wagnaria!!, not the title of the show that will undoubtedly launch a dozen feminist thinkpieces with titles like “Big Order and Japan’s Troubling Consent Dynamics.”

I mean, can’t you just see the Spring 2017 Anichart? “When an American Football team makes Wagnaria Family Restaurant its to-go stop after games, will Sota, Popura and Inami be able to keep up with the tremendous demand for chocolate milkshakes, bottomless bowls of curry udon and metric tons of hamburger steak ? Find out in Wagnaria!!: Big Order in Little Restaurant!”

…C’mon, you would watch that. We all would.

00:00:00 Hi y’all!
00:00:44 Big Order 1
00:04:53 Macross Delta 3
00:09:29 Kiznaiver 2
00:14:40 Twin Star Exorcists 2
00:18:02 Super Lovers 2
00:21:12 Bungo Stray Dogs 2
00:25:00 Anne-Happy 2
00:27:44 High School Fleet 2
00:31:07 Flying Witch 2
00:34:46 Tanaka-kun is Always Listless 2
00:35:52 And You Thought There was Never a Girl Online 2
00:41:45 Three Leaves, Three Colors 2 (DROPPED…err, probably.)
00:44:44 Shonen Maid 2
00:47:43 The Lost Village 3
00:53:48 Re:Zero 3
00:56:47 Joker Game 3
01:01:22 Kuma Miko 3
01:06:51 Cerebrus 3
01:09:34 Ace Attorney 3
01:12:12 Bakuon 3
01:14:39 Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou 2
01:16:49 Space Patrol Luluco 3
01:18:46 Pan de Peace 3

2 thoughts on “Otakusphere Weekly #4: The Ghost In The Clubroom”

  1. I would say drop the short anime shows, but going by the amount of time you give them on the show it’ll only cut out 4 minutes lol

    I would say Ace Attorney, too, since the games offers a more insightful look at the characters, their quirkiness and the build-up to the cases. It just seems to pad out everything better than what the anime is trying to do. I haven’t seen it yet, but I don’t remember too many slow or boring parts in the game, you know?

  2. Yeah I think we’re dropping Ace Attorney after episode 4. I’d love to be able to say “I’ll play the games instead!”, but I’m pretty sure that’s never going to happen^^;;

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