Otakusphere Weekly #1: Spring 2016 and Candy

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Remember how I kept threatening to do another anime podcast? Well, I make good on my threats– at least, my podcast-related threats. This week, Lifesong of Spiced Seven and Salvador of Japanator join me to discuss Dagashi Kashi, ERASED, and our hopes/fears for the Spring 2016 season. Warning: spoilers for the movie The Butterfly Effect in our ERASED discussion.

Since we kept it pretty simple for this first episode, I didn’t go nuts and make an incredibly detailed outline. However, for those of you that cannot function without an outline (I understand), here you are:

0:00 Intro and Dagashi Kashi: do we even want any of this candy?

7:33 ERASED: did we need more mystery in this mystery?


16:59 Spring 2016 anime chat, plus we solve the mystery of Mari Okada’s variable quality, once and for all.

44:20 SPECIAL BONUS SECTION: Why does everyone hate KyoAni?

Comments welcome, but if you just comment to point out that I kept pronouncing Mari Okada’s name as “Marie” like a dumb gaijin, don’t bother because I am a dumb gaijin and these things happen. Seriously, I hope some anime fans enjoy our little show, and I’m excited to be podcasting again:).

7 thoughts on “Otakusphere Weekly #1: Spring 2016 and Candy”

  1. Oh man, Sal’s still around?! And podcasting!? I haven’t heard his genki voice since Japanator had their own podcast, like, three years ago. Noice!
    It’s nice to finally hear Lifesong, too!
    This is probably the first anime podcast I’ve listened where the discussion doesn’t devolve into studio rants or Gundam, so I’m lovin’ it so far. Lookin’ forward to the next show!

    1. I’m incapable of doing studio rants because I can never remember which studio did what -___-. I only really remember which studio was involved in cases where the style is super-distinctive, like Trigger.

      And yes, hearing Sal’s voice will make you at least 20% more genki; They’ve done studies to prove this:)

      Thanks for listening!

    2. Thanks! It was a lot of fun.

      I keep forgetting that this Gundam Unicorn TV remake is even a thing. I’m sure it’s already covered to oblivion and back, but I personally don’t know that much about it.

  2. This was awesome, Karen! Japanator AM was one of my favorites and I look forward to future episodes of Otakusphere.

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