Sword Art Online II, Ep. 2: Sniper chaps

Sinon1Really, all there is to say about this episode is “Wow, Sinon is a badass, huh?” That’s not such a bad thing; considering she’s clearly going to be very important in the GGO arc, spending an episode introducing her is reasonable. But beyond wondering what a seemingly honorable girl like Sinon is doing with a bunch of thugs who steal other players’ virtual lunch money, I didn’t have many thoughts on this episode.

I just took it as an excuse to draw Chibi-Sinon above, which I have mixed feelings about: On the one hand, Sinon is fun to draw, but on the other, if I ever want to do a “serious” drawing of her, I’ll have to learn how to draw all her damn guns. And rifles with long barrels require actual rulers and everything. Dammit.

Oh, and I hear the “criticism” of this episode was that “no one would really take video games that seriously.” I’m just…what? Really? You really can’t imagine people taking a game super-seriously? People already treat the console war metagame as though it were a matter of life and death, but thinking that virtual-reality assassins would be really absorbed into their VR game is just crossing a line?


Hopefully next time I’ll have something to say about SAO II, since I’m assuming Kirito enters a new world and tries to bring a sword to a gunfight, or something. I hear you’re really, really not supposed to do that.

2 thoughts on “Sword Art Online II, Ep. 2: Sniper chaps”

  1. Your Sinon is very cute! I am finally catching up on anime blogs now that the new season rush is out of the way. I’ve sworn off reading most SAO blogs at this point(which means I try poorly to avoid them) I think I’m starting to feel the same way you do about Tomb Raider about SAO. Everyone is always wrong. I’m glad to see you have been covering it.

    What did you think of episode 3? There has been enough controversy over it that I haven’t been able to keep up my ban on avoiding SAO discussions. So many experts on ptsd coming out the woodwork to bash SAO…

  2. As someone who has suffered from severe panic attacks in the past, I found SAO 3 to be pretty on target (err, no stupid pun intended.) Hearing you say that, I’m glad I’ve been avoiding anime blogs; reading uninformed people bitching about how they know PTSD/panic disorder “doesn’t really work like that” would probably make me want to cut a bitch.

    I’ll do a post about it, assuming I can draw a non-blue haired Sinon who is also cute ^^;;

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