Why I Am Not A Feminist

I’ve never felt comfortable calling myself a feminist; I know some feminists would say that’s because I’ve been programmed to please the patriarchy and I don’t want to suffer the consequences of speaking out for what’s right, but just for the sake of this post, let’s assume it could be something other than that. I mean, hey, maybe I am brainwashed by the patriarchy and there’s simply no hope for me, but I think we can entertain the possibility that maybe there’s something else going on here.

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On Taking Offense/Being Offended

Maybe it’s just my little corner of the internet, but lately a lot of the conversation online seems to center around being offended: when is it appropriate to get offended, is there such thing as being too offended by an offense, being offended that other people are offended, etc. Honestly, I’m not sure I get it, because the criteria for my being offended seems to be different from everyone else these days. Is it my logic that’s wrong? Or is the emotion that people are feeling being mislabeled as offense, when it’s really something else? Continue reading On Taking Offense/Being Offended