Sketchblog: Daughters of The Eyrewood

DOTE2Seeing all the great Daughters of The Eyrewood fanart linked on Twitter made me want to do my own version, plus I just got Manga Studio 5 and it seemed like a good way to practice using the program. Everyone seems to be drawing their DOTE lasses with long hair, and for some reason I kept thinking of a girl with short, honey-colored hair.

The problem: I wanted to do a quick color sketch, but “quick” and “learning to use new software” do not go together AT ALL. As simple as this is, it took forever because I couldn’t get used to the pressure sensitivity settings in Manga Studio 5. Maybe I need to adjust my Cintiq’s settings, but the line thickness was all over the place and it wasn’t looking good. Eventually I just used a tool with no pressure sensitivity, which is kind of a shame.

On the whole I’m loving Manga Studio and what it can do, but right now I’m really bad at using it. I’d like to do another piece of this character, only this time a full-body pose and (*crosses fingers*) with pressure sensitivity for better lineart.

In Defense of Penny Arcade

The Dickwolves situation was brought up again at the latest Penny Arcade Expo, and everyone is sounding off. I find I generally disagree with most of the articles published on this subject; in my view, the joke in the original comic was not at the expense of rape victims, that distinction is extremely important, and the whole thing was blown way, way out of proportion. However, Penny Arcade doesn’t need me to defend them, and other than the fact that I’m a fan of PA’s Strip Search, the issue really has nothing to do with me.

So the question I’ve been asking myself the last few days is “Why does this bother me so much? Why do I care?”

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