Sketchblog: Muromi-San

Muromi3 001

Here’s another Sketchblog with multiple sketches, all featuring Muromi-san from this season’s anime feel-good mermaid comedy sensation.

The first is the first image I’ve ever colored in GIMP, so it was a learning experience. Lately I’ve been using for my image needs, but lacks pressure sensitivity, so it was clear I needed something else for drawing and painting. GIMP supports pressure sensitivity, but I’m finding it a little confusing to use– coloring this lil’ Muromi seemed way harder than it should have been. Plus, while the pressure sensitivity does work, it doesn’t seem to work the way I was hoping it would; this is probably more due to my need to fiddle with the settings than any problems with the software, though. I’m learning as I go.

Hit the jump for two more Muromi drawings, which, while they may technically be better drawings, I deem inferior because they don’t really look like her. Only the super-cartoony one above came out really looking like the character, to me anyway.

Muromi2 001

See the nice mermaid playing with dolphins? Not Muromi!

Muromi1 001

See this nice mermaid? Also not Muromi! Blast! I like the idea behind this one though, Muromi making peace with her fellow sea denizens.

So whaddya think? I like drawing mermaids- maybe I can do a group picture with Muromi, Takeru and some of the other mermaids like Levia. I’d better get more experience with GIMP first though, otherwise that’s going to take 10,000 hours to color 0___0

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