Spring 2013: Majestic Prince


Space! Giant Robots in space! All things that smelly BOYS like! Well I guess the robots are kind of cool, sort of maybe. In a way.


Is it just me, or are the character designs really derpy in this? I don’t know if it’s that they’re too simple or too old school or what, but something looks off.

No. of Episodes Aired: 1

Streaming on: Crunchroll

Alternate Title Suggestions: As I Expected, They Want Me To Pirate A Giant Robot, Generic-Ass Robot Anime #3546, Kensuke From Evangelion Becomes A Pilot, Finally

I kept waiting for a plot twist on this show that never happened. See, the set-up is that an army of humans in the future (presumably) is being overrun by aliens (presumably), and they call in their student robot pilots as reinforcements to keep the enemy busy while they evacuate their base. Only, instead of getting the best student pilots, they call in the worst: “Team Rabbit,” or “The Fail Five,” as they are known around school.

See, I kept thinking this was ultimately going to make sense because the higher-ups purposely sent the worst student pilots, fully expecting some or all of them to die. If they thought the battle was a complete lost cause and they just need the pilots to fly around and distract the enemy for a while, why bother sending good pilots on a suicide mission when you can send cannon fodder? But the way the episode wrapped up leads me to believe that Team Rabbit has awesome piloting potential, and somehow their superiors knew that, even though they’ve sucked during training. So, basically the opposite of my theory.

I don’t know, I recognize that the show isn’t taking itself that seriously and I should applaud it for that, but it has this kind of tonal dissonance common in anime of this nature that really bugs me. That “this is really serious, people are dying all around us because it’s war, but it’s totally cool for us to make boob jokes and stuff because that’s just how we roll.” You could make the argument that Team Rabbit’s levity at the beginning is due to the fact that they don’t realize how serious things are about to get, but even when they were in battle and said “Are we going to come back from this?” I didn’t believe for one second that they had seriously considered the possibility that anyone would die…as though neither the characters, nor the show itself, was cognizant of what was actually happening.

It can be done well– that kind of tonal dissonance can come off as gallows humor, or somehow manage to not rob the show of all it’s drama. But in this case, I get the impression the show really isn’t invested in its own plot and doesn’t care what’s going on, therefore I don’t care either. While it’s early to write off the characters, so far they’re paper-thin and don’t entice me to learn more. On the plus side, robot designs are interesting (I especially like the sniper-bot), but that’s not enough to keep this non-robot fan watching. I’m passing on this unless I hear it improves by leaps and bounds later on.

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  1. I get the feeling this anime is going for a more silly feel. The enemies they were fighting felt like they came right out of a Sunday morning cartoon for one. Fafner, Infinite Ryvius and Gundam Seed all have character designs from this same artist. These designs are associated with serious mecha at this point I think. I can see why the production staff would want to lighten the mood as much as possible if they are not going for a serious approach. They also had a character who talks like Coach from Gunbuster, wears a Gundam like visor with a visible scar on his face and has the same name as the star of TTGL. That tells me I shouldn’t be taking this too seriously.

    I think a lot of mecha fans are probably desensitized to people dying in space in mecha. It’s one of the most overused and abused mecha tropes out there. I honestly didn’t even notice that bit of dissonance until you pointed out it. I can totally see it now, but I just kind of spaced it out when it happened I guess. People dying en mass in space stations and space ships at the start of a mecha is just what happens. Maybe this sounds awful, but I almost didn’t even notice them. Imagine someone trying to make a cute magical girl anime with the same artwork as Madoka. The dissonance kind of works in reverse for anyone who has seen these designs in action before I think.(and it felt intentional to me.)

    This whole season is kind of a bummer really. I haven’t found anything exciting yet. I am hoping Majestic Prince will be good if only because it was one of the few first episodes I didn’t think was awful.

  2. I think I’m particularly sensitive to this kind of thing for some reason– I recognize it doesn’t make the show bad, but it does rub me the wrong way. I hope it ends up being an entertaining show though.

    I hadn’t really thought about it, but now that you mention it, this season isn’t shaping up so hot so far…RDG is bleh, Crime Edge is stupid, that Mushibugyo is stupid, Oreimo is…Oreimo, and its too early to tell if Flowers of Evil has earned the right to be as weird as it is yet. Gargantia was good so far, but I’m not exactly dying for the next episode.

  3. Gargantia is probably the best of the batch so far for me as well. Crime Edge I can respect for going all in with the hair thing, but that didn’t make it good. Flowers of Evil was… something that’s for sure. Maybe this makes me superficial, but I don’t like the rotoscoping at all. The whole thing just feels pretentious to me, likes it is being different for the sake of being different.

    We have been joking around at Glorioblog about how Railgun season two might be the best thing to come out this spring. At first it was just a joke, but now it looks like it might actually work out that way.

  4. I’ll hold my thoughts on Flowers of Evil because I plan to do a post on it if I can suppress the shudders long enough, but I know what you mean.

    Railgun, I don’t know. I enjoyed the first 12 episodes or so of the first season, knowing full well it was a silly show and not meant to be taken too seriously, but at some point the “OMG, Misaka is Level 5! She’s so powerful!” stuff started to really annoy me and I gave up. I’m the last person to accuse characters of being a Mary Sue, but in that case it just really bugged for some reason. On the plus side, I doubt the fact that I missed half of the first season will matter if I try to jump on with season 2, so there is that. Maybe it will be 90% Saten, 10% Misaka (lol.)

    1. The second half of Railgun was all original anime content so it shouldn’t matter at all if you just skip right into season 2. This season will be about the sisters, which means it will be pitting the Accelerator against Misaka. I think it is basically the same story from Index, only from Misaka’s perspective. Since he is an enemy she can’t beat it should be a bit different from season 1.

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