Strip Search #18: Of COURSE I’ll Draw On Your Abs

StripSearch18_cAt the inaugural StripCon, our plucky webtoonists have to sketch for tips and make conversation with fans while Penny Arcade employees try their hardest to play the role of obnoxious, shoplifting trolls– which, for some of them, doesn’t require trying very hard at all.

Recap title courtesy of Monica, who has won the entire internet for reverse-trolling Robert Khoo. Seriously, whether you use the ‘net to post on boards, read political commentary or just watch hours of cat videos on Youtube, you do so at the pleasure of one Monica Ray: It all belongs to her now. Continue reading Strip Search #18: Of COURSE I’ll Draw On Your Abs

Sketchblog: Dragon’s Crown Sorceress

Her eyes are up THERE

For the record, my opinion on the whole Dragon’s Crown PR blow-up is pretty much the same as Jim’s.

I didn’t plan to draw the Sorc from DC, it was more like I was having a frustrating session of drawing where nothing was coming out right, then I thought “Well, why don’t I draw that sorceress character everyone is making a fuss over– at least I can probably draw boobs okay.” Needless to say, my expectations were not high.

However, something weird happened when I started drawing this: I stopped fussing about proportions, “realism” and everything else that had been taking the fun out of drawing for me. I just focused on drawing this one, highly exaggerated character, and I actually loosened up– after that, I felt like I was able to draw just for the joy of drawing, without having to listen to that incessantly critical voice in my head. It was downright refreshing.

So thank you, Dragon’s Crown Sorceress: you helped me out. You may be a weird looking mutant sex doll, but you’re A-OK in my book.

EDIT: And notice that I mispelled the word as “Sorcoress” in my sketch book, because it’s not like I’m a writer who should know how words are spelled or anything ^^;;…..

Strip Search #17: Topple Gear

StripSearch17_aIn episode 17 of Strip Search, the internet reality art show sensation, PA tries to get me to stop recapping this show by making the episode center around motorsports, one of my least favorite things. Fortunately, our favorite smoothie-fueled webtoonists seem to have much more interest in kicking the living shit out of the race track than actually “racing,” per se, so it all works out in the end. Continue reading Strip Search #17: Topple Gear

Strip Search #16: Jerry Ate My Comic

StripSearch16_bIn this episode of Strip Search, Mike has his first Golden Oreo in two months and it’s practically a religious experience, while Jerry makes a smoothie out of the losing artist’s comic and downs it in one go, toxic inks and all. And to think there are people on earth who aren’t watching this show. Continue reading Strip Search #16: Jerry Ate My Comic


StripSearch15_bI didn’t quite get this episode, honestly. I understand that setting up a merch table properly at a con is important for an artist, but I had no idea there were so many little nuances, and I’m still not sure I understood what the judges were talking about. Whenever they started going on about “verticality” or certain combinations of books vs. prints looking “inviting,” I kind of lost the plot a little there. I guess this is why I am not Penny Arcade Mastermind Robert Khoo. Continue reading Strip Search #15: MEEEEEEEERCHHHH

Strip Search #14: Blitzkrieg Sculpey

StripSearch14_aWhen the door opens, the gang all instantly realizes that a)eliminated contestants are not nearly as eliminated as they thought and b)Monica makes the greatest couch ninja.

In this episode Amy gets real, Lexxy gets reestablished, Maki gets re-pineappled, and Katie kicks ass in the most quiet, unassuming way possible. Meanwhile, Erika continues to impress with the sheer number of clothing items she owns in the exact same shade of pink as her hair. Continue reading Strip Search #14: Blitzkrieg Sculpey

Sketchblog: Softball girl

Softballgirl 001Another sketch in my “trying to figure out how I want to draw for serious” series. Why she’s playing softball in boots, I really couldn’t tell you. I had a certain pose in mind that I wanted to draw and maybe half-succeeded. I’m going to pay special attention to how people are standing from now on, because portraying accurate weight distribution is hard.

One thing I want to make a note of is that when you’re doing this– drawing a series of sketches and posting them online– it’s easy to get “sketchbook anxiety,” or the feeling that everything you do is being watched, stifling your creativity before it even gets started. I’m trying to combat this by only posting around 5% of what I actually draw here, so I have the knowledge that most of what goes in my sketchbooks doesn’t need to be seen by anyone. I guess I need a comfortable margin of suck, you see.

Also, this sketch started out as Aeka from Sterling, then I kind of went away from that and gave her different hair/features, but she still looks like her. So I guess it’s Aeka’s long-lost cousin, Baeka. She likes to play ball. In boots. I think it’s safe to say she’s the black sheep of the family.


Strip Search #13: Marshmallow Surprise


Stuck judging an episode of your favorite web-reality series and start feeling just a mite peckish? Roast marshmallows over a space heater, like the pros at Penny Arcade!

This episode, the fourth elimination, had a surprise, cliffhanger-ish ending that divided the fandom. More important for our purposes here, I tried to draw my own comic strip based on the elimination challenge and thoroughly embarrassed myself, but hopefully in a funny way? Continue reading Strip Search #13: Marshmallow Surprise