Summer 2011: Yuru Yuri

There's even a Yui, but she's not the ditzy one this time. diabolically clever.

Summary: Another one of them K-On clones, only this time I think the creators really wanted to make a magical girl anime- so why didn’t they? Do they get, like, a tax break for making another one of these “four girls in a club that does nothing” shows? It boggles the mind. Anyway, it’s watchable and pretty inoffensive thus far, but also a tad dull- more than a tad if the references don’t amuse you as much as they do me.

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Go Minako, go!- I mean, Kyouko! Whatever!

You know, even as someone who enjoyed the first season of K-ON!, I’m beginning to get tired of multiple K-ON! clones every single season. Yuru Yuri makes no bones about what it’s aping and why; you get the girls sitting in a club room drinking tea a la Mugi and co. early on in the first episode. I guess it’s somewhat clever that the “amusement club” actually has no purpose; that’s truth in advertising, right there. At least with this show, we can’t complain that the characters are wasting too much time when they should be practicing music or whatever; their whole raison d’être is to screw around doing zilchcakes.

I thought the main distinguishing feature of the show was that the yuri relationships were going to be on the surface instead of subtext-and-fanfiction-only, but very little of yuri interest happens in this episode. I know that Kyouko is interested in girls, but that’s about the extent of it- I can’t remember anything particularly lesbian-ish she actually does. Granted, it’s the first episode, but if yuri is their big selling point, they haven’t been forthcoming with it.

The only aspect of the show that I found remotely interesting was the fact that someone involved obviously has a thing for the magical girl genre: the show-within-a-show, Mirakurun, looks like it would probably be more entertaining than Yuru Yuri (almost by default), and Kyouko looks an awful lot like Minako Aino from Sailor Moon; she’s even got the little red bow in her hair and everything. She acts quite a bit like her, too. Less obvious, but still noticeable, is the light pink-haired Chinatsu’s resemblance to Chibi-Usa, also from Sailor Moon.

Main character Akari also reminded me of a poor man’s Sakura from Card Captor Sakura, but at first I thought that was just me- after all, most anime characters look like many other anime characters due to the similar facial proportions and whatnot. However, later on when Akari yelled Sakura’s trademark “Hoe!”, I realized it was intentional.

So, yeah- the main thing YY has going for it is that it reminds me of other shows that I’d rather be watching, and I honestly have to wonder why the original mangaka didn’t just make a magical girl show to begin with, since that’s where YY seems to draw inspiration from. Don’t get me wrong, this show isn’t necessarily bad- I found it pleasant to watch in a kind of bland way. But I’m probably only going to watch more of it with the intention of pretending that Kyouko actually is Minako, Chinatsu is Chibi-Usa and this is Season 6 of Sailor Moon; Usagi’s just out for candy or something. For the entire season.

If I’m only watching it as part of an elaborate lie to myself though, I guess that’s not much of a recommendation, is it?

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  1. There’s more yuri later on. Unfortunately, most of the self-aware, self-deprecating humor from the manga doesn’t seem to have made it into the anime yet; it and Kyouko were pretty much the only enjoyable elements of it.

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