Summer 2011 Anime: Kamisama Dolls

Blah blah blah my Pokemon can beat up your Pokemon whatever I don't care.

Summary: I, uh, loathe this show. From a plot perspective it’s actually not bad so far, but something about it just rubs me entirely the wrong way and I don’t even know what that is. The female characters are cookie-cutter as usual, and one character’s tumor-like giant boobs distract from the proceedings every time she’s on screen, but still, why did I hate watching this so much? I thought I was used to sexism, but is this like the set of tumor boobs that broke that camel’s back or something? I’m mystified.

Streaming: On Crunchyroll. Yaaay, something is finally streaming.

Hmm, so crazy villain guy attacks the eight year old girl so she falls over, and we get this lovely between- the-legs shot just for the hell of it it. Thanks Brain Base, I'm so glad you're throwing not-so-subtle rape imagery in my face when you could be making another season of Durarara!!. Nah, no hard feelings! It's FINE!!!!!!

So, yeah- this show.
To give credit where credit is due, I did like the fact that we were granted a brief reprieve from Mild-Mannered Protagonist Ver. 24578- well, actually Kuga is pretty mild-mannered, but at least he knows what the hell’s going on. For once, the protagonist actually knows substantially more about the superhero hijinks than we do, and it’s a refreshing change. The plot moves forward relatively quickly, also somewhat rare. That pretty much concludes what I liked about this episode, however.

The thing is, when trying to come up with what I didn’t like about it, I’m actually kind of confused. Yes, the female characters are lame character archetypes, but I thought I was used to that. Yes, I find the villain (whom I do not believe is dead for one moment, by the way) equally generic and lame. Yes, I found the animation and character designs somewhat lacking. Still, I actually felt kind of disgusted while I was watching it, and none of the above seems like enough to account for that. It can’t all be because of that disturbing “show the villain between the heroine’s thighs” camera angle, can it?

I guess I’m slightly interested in finding out the truth behind the “village” where these fighting dolls (sigh) come from, and what the overall plot trajectory is, but it’s going to be hard to get over my hate-at-first-sight for this show. I’ll try at least another episode to see if I get over it, but for right now, let’s just say this is not my hit of the summer.

Also on the list of things about the show that I don’t get, what is wrong with this woman’s chest? Are her breasts just too big, or is there some other kind of proportion weirdness going on?

Yeah, some of that's gonna have to come out before she's 35.

Final note: It’s not that I’m too lazy too look up characters names so I don’t have to refer to people as “the villain” or “the heroine”; I do that often, when I forget something about a show I care about at any level. It’s just that if I can’t remember the characters’ names right after watching the show, I’m not sure I care, you know?

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