X-Men Episode 11: Yui is a Moron

Somewhere out there, someone was excited to see Wolverine go berserker. Not me, or you, or probably anyone you know, but...someone. Surely.

Summary: The X-Men defeat their opponents, including Mash, the Unlimited Semen Works guy (FINALLY), Professor X gets his bacon saved by Jean’s sultry disembodied voice again, and Mastermind may have had the worst plan to take over the world ever. Since #12 is already out as I write this, I’m going to kind of gloss over this episode and just comment on the major plot holes- it really doesn’t merit any more attention than that.

Aww, chibi-Hisako was so cute! At least I liked something about this episode.


If, for some reason that will forever be mysterious to me, you are not satisfied with my analysis and would like to hear even MORE about this episode, check out the episode of Bakacast called “Hate-chan’s Counterattack,” where other people make coherent criticisms and I turn into a sputtering ninny.

Plothole #1: Mastermind’s Plan Made No Sense

Okay, second thing I liked about this episode: Mastermind's cool eyes. I've always liked that effect, although it's kind of wasted on this plot/show/character/everything. Not so much in this screen, but don't they look like the National-Geographic Rainbow-Girl eyes?



In theory, that dastardly Mastermind was planning to use Takeo’s reality-warping powers to take over the world. This could have been very dangerous, but unfortunately, Mastermind himself apparently didn’t get any further than the “in theory” part when he was planning this.

What was Mastermind’s plan to protect himself from Takeo’s scary-huge powers? There was none, as his very quick death at Takeo’s hands in this episode proves. What was Mastermind’s plan to keep Takeo’s scary-huge powers from destroying the world, so that Mastermind would have something left to rule over? If there was any method to this madness, we never heard it.

The thing is, this plot hole could have been avoided so easily. All they had to do was have Mastermind say that he’s using his telepathic mojo to control Takeo, only it turns out that even Mastermind can’t control suitably pissed off Xavier-Spawn, and poof, the end of Mastermind. I guess the manipulation could have just been implied-considering who Mastermind is and what he’s known for doing- but the way they presented this, he honestly just seemed shocked when Takeo turned on him- like the idea of having to keep the dangerous mutant child under control had never occurred to him.

Granted, in a past episode he did say something to the effect that he was “destroying” Takeo’s mind with telepathy, but that sounds like it would only make all of these problems worse, honestly.

Plothole #2: Sasaki Yui is the Worst Mother Ever

Don't be fooled by the loving pose, Yui's one of those terrible women who refuses to tell her ex-lover that they have a child together out of some kind of perverse need to play maternal power games. Damn those WOMEN! Always so manipulative and selfish!


Didja notice how Yui never gives a real reason why she didn’t tell Xavier about their child together? Of course she couldn’t, because then none of this would have happened and there would be no show.

Of course, there are reasons why a women might decline to tell a child’s father about their lovechild- if the couple parted ways in hatred (which we know they didn’t, thanks to the flashback), or if the father is some kind of psychopath who would only make the child’s life worse. However, Takeo’s father is Charles Xavier- wait for it- a man who has devoted his entire life to helping mutant children control their powers and find self-acceptance. Yeah, I’m sure his presence in Takeo’s life wouldn’t have helped the poor lad control his awesome powers and accept himself at all.

Maybe I’m underestimating Yui- maybe she thought telling Xavier about Takeo’s existence would be a far too easy way to solve her problems, and instead wanted to play some sort of a challenge game- so instead, she built a whole institute and paid an entire staff to unsuccessfully attempt to do what Charles would have provided for free, out of love.

And that’s not even touching the fact that even if Takeo had no powers to speak of, having a man’s child and then never telling him is a pretty terrible thing to do- especially when the two parted amicably, with mutual respect. If it weren’t for the consistently sexist vibe this show has going on I wouldn’t be inclined to look at it this way, but it seems like the only explanation for Yui’s behavior that makes an ounce of sense is that the writers think that hiding children from the men who would love them is the kind of crap that women pull, because they’re women and they can’t be trusted with their child-bearing power.

I honestly think that’s what’s at the heart of the whole abortion debate- no one knows or cares when the “soul” begins or whatnot, it’s all about “Wait, women have the power to bring people into the world? Or not? Who told them they could be in charge of that!? That’s, like, IMPORTANT!” And I promise not to touch THAT subject again.

Minor Plot Holes: Just For the Record

-How did Hisako break out of Mash’s cocoon-thingy? Developing super-strength is not how her powers work.

-Why did it take Neuron so long to kill Wolverine and Beast, when he killed the two lab techs instantly? Granted, he probably couldn’t kill Wolverine instantly, but Beast, who has no healing ability? Did he get less powerful in the intervening five minutes? Furthermore, why did he ONLY attack Wolverine and Beast? Was Storm not worth his attention?


Next Time: Hisako Saves the World

Don't be fooled by Xavier and planet Earth taking center stage in the preview, we know it's going to be all about Hisako, the power of shallow childhood friendships, and the fact that friendship is magic. Now THERE's a show I should blog....


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