X-Men Episode 10: Like We Didn’t Know This Already

Too bad Mash, the X-Ladies are prepared for your Unlimited Semen Works now! Well, except for towards the end of the episode, when it like, matters and stuff....

Summary: In keeping with the recent trend for X-Men episodes, the action was pretty decent- nice Wolverine and Storm team-up there, finally- while everything else was illogical at best, mind-numbingly stupid at worst. There were some pretty significant plot bombs dropped finally, but while we may not have known exactly what was happening, anyone even half paying attention won’t be surprised by any of this.

Should Even the Pacing Be Mutated?

As far as we can tell, the fierce battle in the background comes to a complete stop while Emma and Yui have a sidepanel conversation. If we could hear claws clashing then maybe we would infer that Wolvie and Hedgehog-guy were still fighting, but as it is it just seems like everything comes to a complete and total stop evertime Yui opens her FRICKIN' mouth.


Normally, I try not to talk about pacing too much, because to be honest, I’m not sure how well I understand it. One person’s “Slow as hell, something needs to happen” pace is someone else’s grand, languid pace, and both can be right simultaneously. But I’m pretty sure there’s something seriously wrong with the pacing of this show.

With the third episode, I complained that the X-Men basically had a book club meeting at the enemy base when they should have been moving quickly, and the same thing happens again here- the characters have a long conversation in the midst of running after Mastermind, to the point where they stop for several minutes in the anteroom and interrogate Yui before they move on. Making matters worse, Yui’s two assistants wake up just in time to show up and ask a bunch of questions, so everyone has to waste time explaining to them all the stuff that just happened in the last two episodes. It makes the middle portion of this episode feel incredibly repetitive and dull.

Alas, poor lab assistants, we hardley knew ye! I mean, we seriously hardly knew you people.

Speaking of Riko and Kaga (were those their names? I honestly have trouble keeping track), bringing them up to speed ends up being a total waste of time since the newest Inner Circle member shows up and randomly kills them toward the end of the episode. Now, I’m not normally this callous towards character deaths, but these two have been totally bland sad-sacks of characters- and that’s saying something considering that not one but both of them became hellacious monsters only a few episodes ago; they’re actually so boring, it doesn’t really help.

Predictable Plot Twist Theater

Funny, if this happened to anyone other than Wolverine we just might care....


So we finally get some big, huge plot revelations: The source of all the mutation tomfoolery is Yui and Xavier’s omega-class mutant son, Takeo, and Yui teamed up with the U-Men in order to get the mutant organs she needed to produce a suppressant to protect Takeo from his destructive mutant powers. These would be pretty big bombshells if we hadn’t been clued into these things all along.

Now, just to be clear, I didn’t foresee that Yui had specifically teamed up with the U-Men to get the mutant organs she needed to create a vaccine- it wasn’t that predictable.

However, we’ve been clued into the fact that Yui has been hiding a whopper of a secret pretty much since her first second of screen time, so it was just a question of when the other shoe was going to drop; I may not have known every detail, but due to the excessive forewarning, Yui’s “confession” still felt like a retread of what we already knew. As to Takeo, we were also clued into the strong possibility of Yui/Xavier offspring several episodes ago, so that was just a confirmation of what we were already suspecting. This is how you ruin dramatic reveals.

In short, I did not know everything that was going to happen, but damn, I SO knew what was going to happen…do you know what I mean?

By the way, for the three people out there who haven’t figured out yet that Hisako’s prior connection to Takeo will ultimately save the world: Welcome to watching television for the first time! I hope you’re enjoying it.

WTF Plot Twist Theater

This pic of poor Takeo really has nothing to do with the subject at hand here, but it does look sufficiently WTF-y.


There was one plot twist that I didn’t see coming, mostly because it doesn’t make any damn sense. The U-Men collaborating with the Hellfire Club? I know war makes strange bedfellows and whatnot, but c’mon- a mutant supremacy organization joining up with a human supremacy organization? That’s like the S.S. teaming up with Zionist terrorists or something. Okay, maybe it’s sort of cool in a “their polar opposites, but inside they’re exactly alike,” fanfiction-y sort of way, but are we really expected to take this seriously?

How stupid are the U-Men here? Do they really think that the Inner Circle a.k.a. Hellfire Club a.k.a. whatever they’re calling themselves now is going to let them run around slaughtering mutants indefinitely in exchange for information? Do they honestly not realize that the day the Inner Circle gets bored with them, the leaders will dispose of the U-Men like the unsightly genetic leftovers they think they are? Is that going to be like, a plot twist when the Inner Circle betrays them?

Does anyone out there think this is actually brilliant because they didn’t see it coming, and I’m just looking at this from the wrong angle or something? I’m trying here, guys.

Next Time: REVENGE

You know what I want REVENGE on? Whatever made me decide to blog this anime instead of something with better writing, like Astralotte's Toy. Am I kidding? I don't even know anymore.









4 thoughts on “X-Men Episode 10: Like We Didn’t Know This Already”

  1. We already saw Mastermind talking with the leaders of the U-Men in earlier episodes, so that was not exactly a surprise. Nor do I think their alliance is so out there, both were probably planning to back-stab the other at earliest opportunity. Seems pretty similar to the alliance between Hitler and Stalin during WWII.

    Agree that the pacing seemed off. Everyone took a break during the fights to explain the plot. Even Mastermind, lol.

  2. Have to add, I did not consider that the emissions of the white ghosty guy could be considered semen stand-ins, but now that you mention it, it’s pretty blatant.

    A Japanese thing I guess? Haven’t seen anything like this in earlier X-cartoons.

  3. I can accept some sort of temporary agreement between the two, but having Mastermind explain that he initiated them into the Inner Circle was too much for me to accept. “Hi, mutant supremacists who want to enslave all of humanity! Please meet the new members of the board- human supremacists who want to harvest our organs to steal our abilities before they drive us to extinction. I’m sure this will be a mutually beneficial relationship!” I thought of the Hitler/Stalin parallel too actually, but it still just seems like they’re pushing it to me.

    As far as our friend Mash is concerned, I’ve seen that sort of thing crop up all over in sci-fi/fantasy stories, so it’s not just a Japanese thing- it may be a Japanese thing that they felt comfortable being so blatant about it though, if that makes any sense.

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