X-Men Episode 9: It’s the Telepathy, Stupid

Emma gets to look badass for a few minutes before being continuously abused by a mysterious white viscous fluid for the rest of the episode. The two people who were busy defending this show as not being THAT sexist and disgusting have now officially packed up shop.

Summary: For the first time, I actually regret choosing to blog this anime- not because this episode was particularly bad or anything (we’ve been given worse this season), but just because I am so incredibly bored with this already. Still, I made a commitment, and someone should point out that the X-Men attacking Mastermind would be kind of a good idea.

Today’s Word is Telepathy

Think, Prof. X! Think your way out of this dastardly trap set by a vastly inferior telepath! We know you can do it...no, seriously we KNOW you can do it.

I guess it’s nice to know that Storm isn’t the only one who got nerfed in this adaptation. Professor X, known in most continuities as the most powerful telepath on the planet, has difficulty figuring out that he’s under telepathic attack in this episode; after experiencing that belated epiphany, he then concludes that he “might” be able to break the illusion. Don’t get too ambitious there, Charles.

Speaking of telepathy, despite having two telepaths among their ranks, the X-Men seem to have real difficulty with the concept of mental manipulation. They’re all incredibly confused when Wolverine starts attacking them- even though Emma explained the situation to them beforehand. While that might be somewhat understandable during the initial shock of the attack, Storm is STILL confused about what’s going on when she calls Beast about it later in the episode.

Meanwhile, even after they’ve all figured this out, no one thinks to attack Mastermind. I understand that Mastermind uses Wolverine as a distraction, but it does not take all four of the other X-Men to keep Wolverine busy. Not only does Storm disappear for a portion of the fight, but Emma and Hisako have time to retreat to a corner and get kidnapped for the umpteenth time.

Oh, and about that…

Madhouse: Just Make Some Hentai Already


Hey, guys? Go make a hentai about creepy dudes who can perform “Unlimited Semen Works” on improperly clad ladies if that’s what you really want; we’ll wait. Hey, no one’s judging anyone; diff’rent strokes for different folks. If that’s the kind of thing that turns you on, good for you, or whatever. Just stop putting this nonsense into X-Men as though you think you’re being too subtle for anyone to notice, because it’s just not working.

Now in fairness, the American X-Men cartoon from the ’90s did this “creepy sexual imagery thinly veiled as mutant powers” thing too, but if memory serves, they were pretty equal-opportunity about it; I’m pretty sure Gambit ended up on the receiving end of it more than once. But naturally, here, only Hisako and Emma get tied up, because God forbid any female accomplish anything by themselves on this show ever.

I’m really not particularly upset about this, because that’s what I expect from this show; I’m just kind of surprised they made so little effort to hide the subtext here. Usually there’s at least a token effort….

BTW: Damon Hall Syndrome Clarity At Last

At the very least, we finally find out what the deal is with DHS; apparently, the reason why characters have sometimes been using DHS and “Secondary Mutation” as interchangeable terms is because they are in practice. While a secondary mutation doesn’t automatically lead to DHS, apparently Emma is the only one to experience one and not come down with the disease.

I’m honestly confused why they didn’t give us this information about five episodes ago; maybe it’s meant to be a reveal, but it’s certainly not handled like one, making it seem like the writers just forgot to give us this rather important piece of information until now.

Also, this is another area where people who know the comics are actually at a disadvantage watching this show, because comic fans would have no reason to expect that virtually all secondary mutations are malignant in this adaptation, hence this whole plotline has actually made less sense to seasoned X-fans than complete X-noobs; there’s something bizarre about that.

Next Time: Ask Me If I Care

  • I realize I haven’t actually said much about Mastermind yet. Problem: I don’t care about Mastermind. Hmm.
  • Go on. Ask. Whatever, Professor X. will probably do some psychic shenanigans, Emma and/or Storm and/or Hisako will get tied up somehow, and Beast will threaten to vaccinate someone and/or question Sasaki Yui in a half-assed and impotent manner. Whatever, I’m going to go put on Soft Tennis and watch something with mentally superior characters- the scary thing? I’M NOT KIDDING.

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