Steins; Gate: Mayuri is an Evil Mastermind

DON'T BE FOOLED; She's got it all figured out.

Okay, the title’s misleading: Mayuri isn’t necessarily an evil mastermind. But she’s definitely a mastermind, alignment pending.

While contemplating my favorite show this season that’s not about underage succubi princesses and cognitively-impaired mutants, I got to wondering: what purpose does Mayuri serve on Steins;Gate, exactly? She’s just kind of there. The more I thought about it, however, the more I realized that not only is everything about Mayuri, but she must be a genius the likes of which Okarin and “Christina” can only imagine.

Here are just some of the reason why Mayuri must be the key to the kind-of-sort-of puzzle that is S;G.

1. Only Character Smart Enough to Dress for the Weather

I think the animators do a good job of making it look like summer; I don’t know about you, but I always get the impression it’s about 95 degrees in the Future Gadget Lab. Meanwhile, how do Okarin and Kurisu dress? In heavy coats, which the latter complements with opaque black leggings. Talk about impractical.

How does Mayuri dress? In a light cotton sundress that breathes well, and a practical hat that protects her face and eyes from the ravages of the summer sun; an outfit intended to reduce sweating, without being too revealing. It’s economical, fashionable and effective; now, who’s the genius in this group? You tell me.

2. Op-Dominance

This is kind of meta, but Mayuri’s importance in the OP leads one to believe that she is somehow central to the events that transpire; something she’s unlikely to be if all she’s capable of is being cute and announcing her presence with “do-do-DOO!” Either the OP is a lying bastard, or she’s holding out on us so far.

3. Her ‘Reaching for the Sun’ Thing

Mayuri’s constant reaching toward the sun is obviously symbolic of her desire to transcend human limitations, i.e. transcend TIME ITSELF. Going back to the OP, notice how Mayuri and Feyris reach toward the sun, while Kurisu only points her arm to the side, emulating the clock?

4. Third-Person Person

As a person who has transcended time, she is simultaneously Mayuri and Not-Mayuri; for this reason, she speaks about herself in the third person to make it clear that she’s talking about the part of herself that exists in that present time. She can’t say “I”, because that “I” comprises countless past and future selves that are all conducting different activities. Instead, when she says “Mayushii does X,” what she’s really saying is “The version of Mayuri that you are acquainted with is currently performing this action.”

5. The Feyris Factor

Did you notice that Feyris beat Daru at a game- Daru, who hacked into the CERN computer– easily during the Feyris Cup? Obviously Feyris-“Moepocalypse”-Tan has quite a lot going on in the intelligence department. And who’s her friend? Do you think Feyris keeps company with dumb people?

6. She May Have Built the Phone Microwave (name subject to change)

As far as we know, the Future Gadget Lab “acquired” the Phone Microwave- there’s no proof that either Okarin or Daru built it as far as I can tell. Who does that leave? Keep in mind, it was Mayuri who knew where to get the IBN 500 as well- at least, in the timeline when it was available….

7. Okarin’s ‘Power’ Likely Comes from Her

Time to spell out the theory I’ve been dancing around here: Mayuri is a time traveler who invented a time travel device long before the Future Gadget Lab was a thing. She’s been all over the place in time, but since she loves Okarin, she wants him to be special too. Hence, she sets him up to be the Messiah; he has extra-time sensitivity by virtue of being the closest person to Mayuri, thus has always had a kind of front-row seat to time abnormalities. Kind of like Homura’s relationship to Madoka, only with good old-fashioned hetero subtext instead of yuri subtext.

8. Steins; Gate? More like MAYURIGATE!!!

Ultimately, it comes down to this: EinStein’s theory; Mayuri’s Gate. And see? That mysterious semicolon makes perfect sense!

Final Thoughts:

Just so you know, this whole thing started as a joke, but now I’ve thoroughly convinced myself. After all, the Church of Madoka is just so last-season: It’s time for the religion of Mayuri, Time Goddess.


11 thoughts on “Steins; Gate: Mayuri is an Evil Mastermind”

  1. You’re right that Mayuri is more than she seems, but the real mastermind is Ms. Arubaito, since she is obviously John Titor. Mayuri is merely a pawn in his/her game.

  2. Ah, but have you considered the possibility that John Titor is just a pawn in Mayuri’s game? That’s what I will assume until proven otherwise, because I like my theory!

    1. That sounds about right- I couldn’t figure out exactly what she was saying, but it sounded kind of generally like “doo-DEE-doo” or whatever, so I went with that. Silly anime characters and their silly made-up catchphrases!

      1. I’ve found Stein’s Gate kind of disappointing. I’m still wahcitng because it’s not bad per se, but I do keep waiting for it to kick off and 10 episodes in (for me) it still hasn’t. It’s an odd series (and I’m not just talking about Okarin). It drops these hints about something big, potentially bad and mysterious going on but thus hasn’t pushed those ideas forward. So it sort of sets itself up as an for want of a better word adventure series without providing any action or excitement. On the other hand there are elements, mostly in presentation, that make it feel like more of a techno-mystery series, almost Lain-esque. I’m thinking of the dark nature of Okarin’s flat, the empty streets contrasted with the buzz of Akiba, among others. Yet it doesn’t push those elements particularly hard; it’s not SO mysterious and odd that it ends up like Lain or Boogiepop or Paranoia Agent. It’s sort of a fudge and even the characters are like that. The treatment of time-travel is quite refreshing and Okarin is quite an original lead but at the same time there are all these elements that pander to the typical otaku (Feyris, the geek speak), maybe so Stein’s Gate doesn’t scare too many of them away?I think the fact that the series isn’t exactly one thing or the other is what bothers me. I’m still wahcitng and enjoying it but I do find myself in the odd situation of thinking every couple of episodes, I’ll give it one or two more eps and then drop it if it doesn’t take off, whilst repeating that same line when I’m still wahcitng one or two episodes later!

    1. There’s always pyinarg to the benevolent acting deities of Otaku culture that the distinguished marketers and producers see it fit to milk all potential of profit from this property without hesitation and release some sort of exploitative character CD-type product that shamelessly drives the sound bite into the ground.Was the visual novel releases voiced? Perhaps that would be an easier venue.

  3. i BeG to Differ…
    if you guys have played the game version, you will know the story.
    i wont say anymore but all i can tell, all went well in the end.
    hence, a happy ending. ;D

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