Spring 2011 Anime: Soft Tennis

The whole chibi thing is so overdone, but I would be lying if I said it weren’t effective. Ka-kawaiiiii……

Number of Episodes Aired:1

Streaming: Nowhere? Let me know if I’m wrong, please.

Alternate Title Suggestions: Afternoon Tea Tennis, Light Tennis Club with Cows, Tennis and Raquet With PantyShot

I don’t usually like doing the whole “it’s just like [insert name of popular show] with [insert different activity]” thing, but in this instance, calling Soft Tennis “Like K-ON!! with Tennis” isn’t that far off. If you like K-ON!! and you have a healthy tolerance for double-entendre, you may enjoy this show; if you’re one of those people who watched K-ON!! and went “But where’s the PLOT?”, stay far away.

I don’t really like Kurusu- “Hey, I look like Rei Ayanami, except I’m goofy!”, but I can relate to Chitose- all theory, no reflexes? Sounds like me and tennis.

Tennis is the only professional sport I actually watch, so I don’t mind watching a bunch of anime girls chill and play tennis for a little while, but it’s hard to recommend Soft Tennis unless I know that you also watch tennis. There are some laughs here, but most of these jokes are of the sort of quasi-naughty shock-humor that you’ve seen done before in other anime, and the fanservice, while fairly mild, will probably turn off some viewers.

That said, I did enjoy the first episode of Soft Tennis, and plan to watch some more. The one thing that sets it apart so far is it’s rural setting- we see lots of cows, and Chitose has no compunctions about going off to milk a cow in the middle of practice. Normally I’m used to characters in these sports anime being city folk, more or less, but the girls in Soft Tennis seem to be the kind of people that even country bumpkins call country bumpkins. It makes their, err, special-ness seem a bit more explicable than just stupidity, which would get annoying really fast.

And no, I’m not saying that everyone who lives in the countryside is SIMPLE, I’m just making the point that it adds to the impression that these girls are genuinely naive more than anything else.

Anyway, I can only give it a very tepid recommendation, but if you find watching tennis or young girls with dirty minds (and not one iota of actual sexual experience) fun, it’s reasonably entertaining. I doubt we’ll see much progression though- I would be surprised if the series finale depicts anything more ambitious than a local tournament.

As an aside, does anyone know why they bother to play “Soft Tennis” to begin with? Why not just play actual tennis? I mean, okay, we have softball here in the US and that’s never struck me as weird, but it’s not like tennis balls are that hard to begin with, you know? I’m just flummoxed by it.

More partially-chibi sofu tenni action for you; I aim to please.

4 thoughts on “Spring 2011 Anime: Soft Tennis”

    1. They did Ladies vs. Butlers, MM!, Kanokon, Rio: Rainbow Gate, To LOVE-ru, etc. all shows pretty much universally reviled for their lack of any redeeming qualities whatsoever, save for fanservice.

      Then again. Not that I’ve watched any of these shows (save for one of Rio, for the lulz, and it was absolutely terrible), but if an ecchi show can’t even design characters that look attractive, I shouldn’t even bother either. Their breasts look like torpedoes with pimples on top. I don’t want to see these.

      They did do the Love Hina anime too, I think, but that was before they started using the same character designer (and plot) for everything and lost all their shame.

      Oh well, at least this one seems to have a nice hook.

  1. Ah, Love Hina- I knew they’d done something fairly major that I’d seen.

    Ladies Vs. Butlers though? Eeeeeek. That makes me like Soft Tennis a little less just by association, but so far the fanservice really hasn’t been bad- all you really see is panties, and in reality, you actually see a fair amount of pantyshots in REAL tennis anyway. That’s why they all wear “tennis underwear” :).

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