Puella Magi Madoka Magica Episode 5 Thoughts

I roughed out a concept for Sayaka preparing to do her own version of "Unlimited Blade Works", but decided not to do a finished piece. I kind of like it as a rough sketch, though.

Well, Puella Magi Madoka Magica has moved up in the hierarchy from “Things I might want to mention once and a while,” to “things I must blog about NAO!”

I figured I’d just jot down a few of my thoughts and questions about the show at this juncture, rather than recap it. Well, okay, here’s your recap: Two magical girls fought. Kyoko is a bitch. There, done. Needless to say, spoilers abound.

Thoughts on Episode #5:

1.I’m glad Sayaka has regenerative powers- leads me to believe that they’re not looking to bump her off so quickly; I don’t think I could handle losing another sympathetic character at this point. However, nothing seems to be off-limits with this show, so who knows.

2. I was really confused by what Homura’s power seemed to be, until @Rangoric pointed out that it seemed to be like the property of Gae Bolg in Fate/Stay Night: An inversion of cause and effect. Everything somehow misses Homura, because the effect of her power is that everything will miss her. I thought after her battle in episode #3 (against Charlotte) that she had some sort of weird displacement thing going on, but his explanation makes a lot more sense to me. It really makes me wonder how she’s going to handle fighting Kyoko, since it seems to be such a defensive power. How can she damage her?

3. Oh, and speaking of Kyoko, I know I’m like, SUPPOSED to hate her, but uh…yeah, mission accomplished there, guys. Why can’t a witch come and eat HER head?

Of course, with this show, I should be careful what I wish for- they’ll probably only kill her off after they’ve done some huge redemption arc and revealed that she was actually abused by her older brother at a young age, leading to her callous attitude, and inside she’s the sweetest little girl there is. Dammit.

4. I’m surprised no one on the show has even mentioned the possibility of bringing Mami back through wishing. I know a lot of fans were pleased that the series didn’t immediately go that route, but it seems odd that it wouldn’t occur to Madoka. I don’t think Madoka will use her wish to bring Mami back, because I’m pretty sure she’s going to use her wish in a more interesting way, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did. I may not normally be keen on characters coming back from the dead, but I’d be okay with it in this instance, since I’d trust the show to do something interesting with it.

However, the fact that Mami’s silhouette is the only one depicted sitting down in the ending leads me to believe she’s not coming back:(.

5. Speaking of wishes, what would happen if a girl wished for there to be no more witches? According to Kyubey (um, assuming he can be trusted, which is increasingly doubtful), NOTHING is off-limits for the wish. I will be a little disappointed if the series never addresses this question (or something similar), even if it’s just Kyubey pointing out the limitations on wishes he can grant; it seems like such an obvious Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card.

6. Do you think “Unlimited Blade/Musket/Whatever Works” are an inherent property of Puella Magi, or was Sayaka just doing it because she’d seen Mami do it? I had assumed it was the former, but Rangoric thinks it’s the latter- he assumed that the fact that Sayaka did an attack that was derivative of Mami’s was meant to show that she was still inexperienced, copying instead of creating her own attacks.

7. I would like to bet someone a box of Pocky that Kyubey will be revealed to be Satan, or some close associate thereof, before the end of the series.

8. At this rate, I don’t see how Madoka could possibly become a magical girl until at least episode 12 or 13, if even then. What would be a bigger subversion; if she ends the series without becoming a magical girl at all, or she becomes one, but her outfit is different than it is in the OP? Come to think of it, I honestly think giving her a completely different costume would be more of an upset to the genre. Like, “What do you mean I can’t even trust the OP?”

4 thoughts on “Puella Magi Madoka Magica Episode 5 Thoughts”

  1. To 2: I think Homura’s power is more something like super speed. I’ve seen screenshots of her reflection in a water drop somewhere.

    To 6: If they can pull one weapon out of nowhere, why not thousands? For Mami it was necessary summoning them is quicker than reloading. Kyoko doesn’t have to do it and chooses not to. I think for Sayaka it’s that she’s not very experienced with weapons.

  2. I think there’s something else going on with the water-drop effect, especially because they used a similar effect with Sayaka in this episode, but you could still be right. I’m hoping by the end of ep.6 we’ll know what the deal with that is.

  3. Homura did teleport all over the place during the fight with Charlotte, so Dliess’s superpower theory might be correct.

    Given the trolling done by the writing staff, pretty much everything can happen right now without ever being predictable. They did a very good job there. For instance, Kyubey is portrayed as very menacing, so it’ll be logical to conclude that he may turn out to be Satan or something, yet he could just as well be a good guy.

    I’m pretty sure either Homura of Kyoko is going to get killed off at some point in the series. this could he used as an element for Madoka development, who would no doubt feel bad for them, even if they’re ‘enemies’.

    Also, I’m completely with you concerning #8.

    Glad you like this series by the way! So cool we all get to talk about it so much. Now only hope they live up to it…

  4. Yeah, my fear for this show right now is that they’ll squander all of this greatness they’ve built up and I’ll fell silly for having invested so much in it:).

    About Kyubey, I’m thinking of the Satan direction for him because of the quotes from Faust on the walls in the reality marbles- but then again, they could be foreshadowing something else entirely.

    Didn’t Homura use some kind of chains too? I’m thinking that was what she was trying to beat Kyubey to death with :). I totally forgot about that when I was writing this blog entry for some reason.

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