Original Art: Naia, Dark Juice Box

Naia is one of many characters from a fantasy project called Dark Juice Box that I fiddle with now and again. I love DJB, but I’ve never come to a consensus of opinion about what I want to do with it- even if time weren’t an issue, I don’t know if I’d really want to do it as a comic. It might work okay as one of those tween-oriented novels with illustrations, but I’ve tried writing it as prose and it doesn’t seem to work. Meanwhile, it’s spawning more and more characters, and the mythology is getting more and more involved, so it’s going to have to go SOMEWHERE, someday.

FFIV: The Uncomfortable Truth

I did this little FFIV strip because I was experimenting with something, which is why it looks a little rough around the edges. Kind of a neat idea though, just taking ideas from random FFs and turning them into one-page strips….next time though, COLOR.

Loved the designs in FFVI DS, by the way- well, except for Rosa; I have no clue what happened there.

Fanart: Bayonetta

I honestly have no idea why I drew Bayonetta, I remember at the time the game came out, I had, like, A REASON (something in particular I was trying to portray about the character), but I can’t remember for the life of me what that was. Even though she’s not a character I’m particularly fond of (and I’ve never played the game), I think it came out well- now, if only I could remember what this was FOR….

Riorla, first draft

This was my first take on Riorla from Dark Juice Box, before I had an idea who she was and she became much scrappier and less elongated. I think I originally did a quick sculpture in Crayola Model Magic that inspired the character, which was about the size of my thumb.

Even though it really looks nothing like Riorla anymore, I still kind of like this drawing- she’s like the big sister that Riorla doesn’t have. Maybe a cousin.