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How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Reveals New PV and Key Visual

Yep, it’s another isekai series filled with demons and magic and stuff.

Earlier today a brand new promotional video and key visual was revealed for the series set to premiere on July 5th, How NOT to Summon a Demon. In the video (which lasts for almost two and a half minutes), we are given a pretty good idea of what to expect from this one. I’m not going to comment specifically about what I think of this one (that’s what Twitter is for) but I’ll let you see and judge for yourself.

At the very least, we at least get to sample the opening and ending theme songs.

J-Novel Club is releasing the light novel series in English via their website and describes the story as:

In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, Takuma Sakamoto is so powerful that he is lauded as the “Demon Lord” by other players. One day, he is summoned to another world – but with the same appearance he had in the game! There, he meets two girls who both proclaim themselves to be his Summoner. They had performed an Enslavement Ritual to turn him into their Summon… but that’s when Takuma’s passive ability “Magic Reflection” activated! Instead, it was the girls who had become enslaved! Though Takuma may have been the strongest Sorcerer there was, he had no idea how to talk with other people. That’s when he makes his choice: to act based on his persona from the game!

“Amazing? But of course… I am Diablo, the being known and feared as the Demon Lord!”

So begins a tale of adventure with an earth-shakingly powerful Demon Lord (or at least someone who acts like one) taking on another world!

The cast for this series includes (character names first):

Rem Galleu – Azumi Waki
Shera L. Greenwood – Yuu Serizawa
Diablo – Masaaki Mizunaka
Alicia Crystella – Yumi Hara
Sylvie – Rumi Okubo
Edelgard – Emiri Katou
Klem – Atsumi Tanezaki
Celestine Baudelaire = Sayaka Senbongi
Mei – Yuuka Morishima

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Attack on Titan Season 3 to Get World Premiere at Anime Expo

Attack on Titan is back!

Hey, anime fans! My name is L.B. and I’ve been tasked with filling you in on just some of the hottest anime news to hit the wires each and every day.

Anime Expo is proving to be THE place to be this summer. It’s not enough that they are hosting the world premiere of Overlord Season 3 dub but earlier today it was announced on their official website that they are also hosting the world premiere of Attack on Titan Season 3 ahead of its July 22nd air date! Yes, you may commence your excited squees now (provided that you actually plan on attending the event, to begin with). Not only that but both Bryce Papenbrook and Yuki Kaji will be in attendance for the screening.

The screening will take place on Sunday, July 8th at 11:30 AM in Hall B of the LA Convention Center.

Not planning on attending Anime Expo this summer? That’s alright because Funimation has already announced that they will be doing a nationwide theatrical screening of the season 2 recap movie AND showing the first episode of the third season.

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last few years, Attack on Titan is an intense, dramatic thrill ride filled with danger, blood, and violence around every single corner. The first volume of the manga hit store shelves in Japan way back in 2010 before being released in English by Kodansha in 2012.

Kodansha describes the story as:

A century ago, the grotesque giants known as Titans appeared and consumed all but a few thousand humans. The survivors took refuge behind giant walls. Today, the threat of the Titans is a distant memory, and a boy named Eren yearns to explore the world beyond Wall Maria. But what began as a childish dream will become an all-too-real nightmare when the Titans return and humanity is once again on the brink of extinction.