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Gargantia 6, Or When Is Fanservice Not Fanservice?


Most regular anime viewers who keep up with currently airing shows seem to agree that Gargantia is one of the better offerings this season, but many think it has too much fanservice. The character designs were done by a hentai (or erotic, for those of you new to this whole thing) artist, and all the females have this weird thing going on where they seem to constantly be blushing. Then there was the unfortunate need for a swimsuit episode on a show where most of the characters run around half-naked to begin with.

I would tend to agree that the show would be improved if it dialed down the fanservice in general, but episode 6 made me wonder: was the belly-dancing scene really fanservice at all? I don’t think so, and I think that goes to show that the frequency of quasi-exploitative nudity, in the form of fanservice, has so thoroughly annoyed us that we have no tolerance left for sexual content that actually serves a purpose. Continue reading Gargantia 6, Or When Is Fanservice Not Fanservice?

Nine Reasons Why The World Needs More Polar Bear Cafe


Some would say that we didn’t really need 50 whole episodes of Polar Bear Cafe, a show that was basically about zoo animals sitting upright and drinking coffee; some people are idiots. Here are some of the top reasons why my favorite slice of life show really should come back for a second season, and fast. Continue reading Nine Reasons Why The World Needs More Polar Bear Cafe

Spring 2013: Red Data Girl


So, I decide to get back into anime blogging a bit, and what’s the first series I pick at random? Red Data Girl, a spring series about a meek shrine maiden who’s the human host for another shrine maiden, only with nicer clothes. And she needs other people to use Google for her because computers break around her– especially when she cuts her bangs.

Look, they can’t all be winners. Continue reading Spring 2013: Red Data Girl

On Sword Art Online 24

I noted a couple of months ago in response to the accusations that My Little Monster perpetuated rape culture that I acknowledged that rape culture was a real problem, just that I didn’t feel Monster-kun was one of the perpetrators. I’m beginning to wonder if I was premature on that.

I knew when I watched SAO 24 that people were going to say it perpetuated rape culture; what surprised me is, the more I thought about it, the more I realized there was absolutely nothing SAO 24 could have done that couldn’t have been, with a fair amount of legitimacy, accused of that. There is literally nothing the writers could have done that you could not make a rational argument was harmful for the reasons of perpetuating rape culture. I continue to believe there are trends in the media that popularize false, harmful ideas about rape, but in light of this situation, I don’t know if the term “rape culture” is even useful.

Continue reading On Sword Art Online 24