Attention: I’m aware the podcast episodes are no longer playing. I’m working on getting them uploaded somewhere else to fix this problem. Stay tuned.

The official Otakusphere podcast is a show that primarily covers currently-airing anime, with periodic episodes devoted to older series. We also talk about other topics of otaku interest, like manga, JRPGs and which dollies and pillowcases we want.

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Format of the show:
General Otaku Chat: Any otaku stuff that we want to talk about.
Senpai League: The anime of the season that warrant the most discussion. Expect lots of plot speculation, then the disappointment when we’re inevitably wrong (except for Lifesong, who is always right and it’s weird.)
Kohai League: Shows that offer less fodder for discussion, sometimes because they’re gag anime, or maybe because they’re more formulaic than shows in the Senpai League. Shows in this league rotate, meaning we’ll check in with them when we have something to mention, but we won’t discuss them in every episode.
Chibi League: Anime shorts. In theory, this should be a brief segment devoted to brief shows. In theory….