Otakusphere Weekly was a podcast that I and a group of friends recorded throughout 2016. By 2017 I had gotten burnt out on anime for a little bit, and we put the podcast on hiatus. However, now that I’m back in anime-obsession mode, will the podcast make a comeback? Perhaps, but not in weekly form– we’ll probably just do special episodes when we feel like it.

What should we call the regeneration of the podcast then? Otakusphere Occasional? Still working on that.

Originally the podcast was hosted on a different service, however those episodes have been taken down and I’m now re-uploading them to the Otakusphere Youtube Channel. As I write this, episodes 1-10 are available, and I’ll be adding the rest until all 30 or so original episodes are uploaded to Youtube.

Like the show? Want to make suggestions for future episodes? Want to detail how your very own date with Sakamoto would go down? Please feel free to comment here, or on YT.