Berserk 2016: Episode 1

Karen recently informed me that the new season of shows was coming out and I should let her know if I was interested in covering any of them. I told her (in all honesty) that I hadn’t been following the schedule and was open to suggestions. She asked me what I was looking for, so I requested something light and breezy….

Berserk Ep1 Pic1

Ah yes, the opening scene of any cheerful and uplifting anime. Just the thing I needed to get myself into the proper, fun-in-the-sun mood for summer.

In all seriousness, I’m a fan of the 1997 series and ecstatic that Berserk is being animated again (albeit in a weird style that makes me feel nearly as uncomfortable as episode 25 of the previous series did). Episode 1 does not disappoint, but it does show that, once again, the anime will not always follow the manga. One of the things I’m most interested is how the writing will (or won’t) be interwoven with what was shown the 1997 series.

The first scene is clearly aimed as much at manga readers as first-time viewers: many important characters are revealed briefly. However, if I didn’t know better, I’d think the fine swordsman-in-black walking towards the camera was the Hawk of Darkness; odd segue. In a throwback to the 1997 series, the opening credits summarize the history between Guts, Griffith, and Casca. If I had to complain about something in this episode, it would be the decision to deform Puck’s appearance so soon after introducing him (not that I really think it should ever happen).

Berserk Ep1 Pic2

While left-Puck could use some pants, right-Puck seems to need a slightly larger slice of the budget (which should be available considering the money they saved on pants).

[Where…where are his BOY PARTS????-Karen]

At first glance, Puck seems out of place in what is otherwise a serious and violent setting where nothing is sacred. However, you quickly realize that Puck’s character is needed to balance against the endless waves of darkness and evil. Puck’s ability to revert to his happy-go-lucky self shortly after horrible experiences contrasts Guts’ method of dealing with adversity: be too much of a badass to ever get shaken.

One scene does show, however briefly, that there is still a shred of humanity within Guts. While it’s fun to imagine him as an unstoppable machine, he’s just a man who’s been to hell and back again (I dare say literally), and will most likely need the support of others both to help manage the road ahead and to help him with his own internal struggle. And he has a really big sword (the late in the episode reveal was a nice anime-only touch).

Berserk Ep1 Pic3

[Adam didn’t send in a caption for this one, so I’ll take over…except I don’t watch Berserk and I have no idea what’s going on. This looks scary; I’ll be over here watching New Game! and leave the rampaging, putrifying skeletons to you brave people. -Karen]

Puck: You should run!
Guts: You’re free to go, if you want.
Puck: Why? What’s the point? There are so many… you’ll get yourself killed!
Guts: That’s nothing new.

And that’s Berserk. Looking forward to episode 2.

Otakusphere Weekly #13: Sword Art Online

Download this episode (right click and save)

In our first “Let’s look back and talk about an anime we all think was significant” episode, we discuss Sword Art Online, warts and all. We also bid farewell to a bunch of shows including And You Thought There Was Never A Girl Online, High School Fleet, Cerberus (sniff), Anne-Happy (sniff), and Pan de Peace (no sniff.)

…and that’s all I’ve got this week. Normally I try to tease a bunch of stuff we talked about to get you to listen to the episode, but it’s been a rough day and I just want to take a nap. Do I come to your house and say mean things about your podcast? No, I don’t, so what are you doing here? What do you mean you’re not in my house? If it’s not you, then who’s in my house? Do they have cake?

On second thought, screw this anime nonsense, I’m starting a podcast all about cake. The answer was right in front of me all along.

00:00:25 Sword Art Online discussion: what makes the show interesting, where does it falter, and why is it so hated by anime bloggers in particular?

00:43:38 Shonen Maid 11
00:49:19 Kiznaiver 12 (END)
00:59:25 Re:Zero 13
01:04:14 Macross Delta 13
01:08:41 And You Thought There Was Never A Girl Online 12 (END)

01:19:30 High School Fleet 12 (END)
01:23:38 Anne-Happy 12 (END)
01:26:47 Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto 11
01:34:09 Tanaka-kun is Always Listless 12 (END)
01:36:45 Cerberus 12 (END)

chibi leage
01:41:37 Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou (END)
01:45:11 Space Patrol Luluco 13 (END)
01:51:34 Pan de Peace (END)


  1. I wrote a piece a few years back picking apart the various fan complaints with SAO, so if you want to see some things addressed that we only touched on in the podcast, give it a whirl. I had no idea until just now, but people are still leaving comments on it.
  2. We recorded this just before AX, thus before the announcement that the SAO TV series was continuing in Spring 2017. So if you’re wondering why we seem confused about when/if SAO was coming back, it’s because we didn’t know until a day or two later.

Food Wars S2: Episode 1

Screenshot 2016-07-05 13.44.41Food porn is very important in my life, mostly because regular porn does nothing for me and I still need something to be deeply ashamed of. And when it comes to food porn, you can hardly do better than Food Wars!, everyone’s favorite anime where people are figuratively (and sometimes literally) assaulted by flavor. The only thing this anime is missing is an animated Anthony Bourdain to make snarky comments about overcooked veal…hmm, am I the only one who wants Anthony Bourdain: The Anime? I can’t be the only one.

Anyway, between this and the adorably delectable Sweetness and Lightning, I’m probably going to gain about 50 lbs. this season just from looking at all the animated food; I guess my perfect beach body is going to have to wait for next summer, once again.

In case you’re new to Food Wars, here’s the situation: Yukihira Soma is an upstart diner cook who lacks the fine-dining training of his fellow students at the prestigious Totsuki Academy. However, he does have the ability to make anyone who eats his food have extremely vivid hallucinations, and this capacity for mind rape, as well as an appreciation for the many charms of down-home cookin’, has gotten him pretty far in life. He’s probably going to end up marrying Nakiri Erina, known as The God Tongue for her ability to taste precisely which cave rock salt was mined in, and their kids are going to be able to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches like you wouldn’t believe. Soma is now in the finals of his school’s Autumn Elections (what it has to do with elections, I couldn’t tell you), and his first opponent is molecular gastronomy whiz kid Nakiri Alice, Erina’s half-sister.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 10.59.02This is what happens to people who eat Soma’s food; they are transported into The Sound of Music.

Now, I have nothing against molecular gastronomy on general principle; finding new ways to prepare and serve food is fun, and it can add a lot of creativity to cooking. However, if I’ve learned one thing from Top Chef, it’s that everyone who practices molecular gastronomy extensively becomes, for some strange reason, a complete unmitigated asshat. Everyone who uses these techniques acts like they’re the second coming of Paul Bocuse, and it’s like dude, you took lentil soup and made it into a cold gel instead of a warm liquid; that’s nice but you’re hardly curing cancer here. True to form, Alice is an insufferable snob, and based on her creepy red eyes, possibly some kind of succubus as well.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 10.21.01They kept this shot up for about three seconds too long and it was hella creepy. Molecular Gastronomy is for vampires.

I was surprised to see that Alice was going to be Soma’s opponent in the first round, since the first season built her up to be a pretty serious adversary; I figured he wouldn’t get to take her out until much later on. Nevertheless, the two are assigned bento as a theme, and the potential to load the box with gimmicks seems to play right into Alice’s pale hands. I think it’s cute that Soma was like “Oh cool, bento, something homey!” only to get smacked down by Erina for not realizing that bento is a Unique Food Culture and thus Serious Business. Everything is low-class chow until food snobs decide they like it, then it’s all “culture.” I’m just waiting for dunking chocolate chip cookies in apple juice to be declared cultural, because I need more encouragement.

Moving on, Alice makes a sushi bento box that looks pretty damned delicious, and makes me want some good sushi. My personal favorite kind of sushi is a shrimp tempura roll, something Alice would probably turn up her nose at, but hey, that’s why she’s the enemy. She uses more hi-tech equipment than NASA has these days, and reactions to her insanely over-thought dish are favorable. The show wants us to believe that all of these technical bells and whistles Alice uses actually enhance the flavor of food rather than just looking cool, but I have my doubts that this works in reality.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 10.33.35I may not like Alice, but I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t gobble this up. It’s been too long since I’ve had really good sushi. Why does it have to be so expensive?

Soma of course makes a down-home bento that has just enough sophistication to surprise the judges, but really succeeds on depth of flavor rather than flash. Interestingly, Alice pretty much says point blank “Is this the part where you’re going to tell me that food needs to have Heart?”, hanging a lampshade on where this story typically goes. However, Alice’s grandpa (who is also Heihachi Mishima of Tekken fame; there is no logic to this, he just is) points out that the issue isn’t heart, it’s understanding the essence of the dish. Soma’s bento was something that worked as a bento first and foremost, whereas Alice’s dish was just a box that happened to contain a bunch of tasty stuff. Which…kind of sounds like heart, actually. I do understand the distinction, where “heart” is a mushy feel-good concept that doesn’t really mean anything, but understanding the particular merits of a format is essential in cooking competitions. Still, Soma ends up winning because he celebrated the Soul of Bento, and Alice was too arrogant to fully embrace the format.

So…it’s all about heart, guys. Don’t listen to Heihachi when he says it isn’t. I just hope Soma finds more novel ways to defeat his opponents, because a whole bunch of episodes of “but only Soma truly CELEBRATED the form of the Turkey Pot Pie!” is going to get old. I honestly don’t remember how they dealt with this during the first season.

Next up, shy Tadakoro Megumi us up against…Goth Kid? Okay, I really don’t remember the first season all that well. I do remember Megumi butchering a giant fish that was bigger than she was, so I hope she does more of that; imagine they bring in a giant whale on a hook, and then people are like “you can’t cook a whale, they’re endangered!”, then Heihachi is like “LOL this is Japan you fools, if it’s in the ocean it goes in my face,” then Erina is like “Grandpa, put your pants back on,” and Soma is like “We used to serve whale sandwiches at my diner on Tuesdays,” and Soma’s dad is like “I’m going to let you in on a little secret, son: it was never really a diner. It was a haute cuisine restaurant in trashy diner clothing,” and Soma is like “Oh My God my whole life has been a lie.”

Ah…Food Wars! is back. It’s a good day.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 10.35.25

Here it is, the patented Food Wars! “assaulted by the FLAVA!” reaction shot! I missed this. Alice gets one too, and hers is topless…maybe I should have screencapped that one instead.

Otakusphere Weekly #12: The Ultimate Date

Download this episode (right click and save)

LB: I’m going to try not to be too harsh on the ending of Kuma Miko….
Karen: I’m going to stop you RIGHT THERE.

We bid fond and not-so-fond farewells to several Spring shows, but all is very nearly overshadowed by the 23-car-pileup that was Kuma Miko 12. Fortunately, I’m prepared with an uplifting (and exceptionally expensive) Sakamoto date to lift our spirits after a certain bear-themed anime did it’s best to bring us down; birds are involved.

Otherwise, we’re not sure if we want Joker Game to come back with a second season (“Now with actual World War II”), Flying Witch has always been about produce and will always be about produce, Hane gets assaulted by Jesus and we’re happy about it, and don’t you dare give shade to Shonen Maid online or LB will end you and everything you hold dear.

00:02:06 General Otaku Chat: Sailor Moon Drops, Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

00:07:51 Big Order 9 & 10 (END)
00:14:44 Kiznaiver 10 &11
00:22:38 The Lost Village 11 & 12
00:29:27 ReZero 11 &12
00:33:41 Joker Game 11 &12
00:40:56 Flying Witch 10
00:42:39 Twin Star Exorcists 10 & 11 (DROPPED)
00:43:55 Macross Delta 11 & 12
00:49:29 Kuma Miko 12 (END) (WTF) (SERIOUSLY) (HELP ME I AM IN HELL)
00:59:10 Bakuon!! 11 & 12 (END)
01:03:47 And You Thought There Was Never A Girl Online 10 & 11
01:07:09 Shonen Maid 9 &10
01:10:45 High School Fleet 10 & 11
01:13:27 Anne Happy 10 &11
01:14:20 Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto 9 & 10
01:22:06 Super Lovers 10
chibi league
01:29:27 Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou 10 & 11
01:31:49 Space Patrol Luluco 11 &12
01:36:15 Pan de Peace 11 & 12

Show Notes:

  1. The Kizumonogatari audiobook, from Vertical Inc. features performances by Keith Silverstein, Eric Kimerer, and Cristina Vee. It’s also an audiobook for an LN, and we should probably all go out and buy it to celebrate the fact that it exists.
  2. Here is some more info on the giant jellyfish that now haunt my nightmares. What this has to do with anything else, I could not even begin to tell you; apparently it’s related to Macross, somehow.
  3. This is the figure I gave my husband to get him to agree to let me go on a date with Sakamoto:Galkofigure
  4. This is the dress I wore on my date with Sakamoto, helpfully modeled by Icelandic singer Bjork:Bjork_swan
  5. I mistakenly said that Super Lovers ended at episode 11; it actually ended with 10. I don’t know why, but for some reason I was convinced there were an odd number of episodes.
  6. The first Shonen Ai show that Lifesong watched was Love Stage.
  7. Cerberus is another show that we haven’t dropped, but I wasn’t caught up, so we just skipped it this week. We’re going to make an effort to be more consistent next season (probably by virtue of following fewer shows in the first place….)

The Ten Most Disappointing Things About Pan de Peace

As the Spring 2016 anime season comes to a close, we’re left with little more than a gnawing sense of regret that we spent too much time watching anime when we could have been playing videogames instead. Out of all the shows I wasted time with when I should have been consuming Odin Sphere Leifthrasir in bed, Pan de Peace was the most disappointing. Here are just a few of the reasons why….

1. It Wasn’t Polar Bear Cafe

To be fair, this is the most disappointing thing about 99.9999% of all anime. Even Space Patrol Luluco suffered the fatal flaw of not being Polar Bear Cafe.

2. There Were Only 10 Breads

I went back and counted, and there were only 10 different breads featured in the show– and the only reason why the final tally is that high is because I counted “Melon Bread” and “Crispy Fluffy Melon Bread” as two distinct breads, which I was under no obligation to do. Now, maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I think a 13-episode bread anime should feature at least 13 different breads.

3. No Bakery Wars

The show introduced warring bakeries Fuwa Fuyu and Guillame, yet at no point do the two engage in any kind of bread-based competition. As Anton Checkhov famously said “If you introduce two competing bakeries in the first act, there damned well better be a sourdough bake-off before the end of the cour.”

I mean, I wasn’t expecting full-on Yakitate!! Japan antics here (well okay maybe I was, but that’s because I’m a glass-half-full kind of person), but I don’t think a three-minute baking competition somewhere over the course of the show was really too much to ask for.

4. No Bread=Boob Comparison

For a bread show with overt lesbian overtones that featured not one, but several bath/swimsuit scenes, the fact that they never did the inevitable joke where they compare everyone’s breasts to different types of bread represents nothing less than a complete ethical breach of contract with the audience. I can’t believe I sat through the whole show and I never got to hear anyone say that Fuyumi’s breasts were like luscious cinnamon buns and Noa’s were like cute little garlic knots.

…and no, that time when Minami hugged Fuyumi and said that her body was soft “like bread dough,” does not count; that is an entirely different joke, and if you watched as much bread anime as I have, you would know that.

5. No Bread Lightsaber Battles

Speaking of things that never happened, the show introduces the concept of French Bread being used as a weapon, and then does nothing with it. I think they mention it maybe once after Noa’s introduction, but they never have an actual battle with baguettes being used as lightsabers. Like…how do you do that? How do you, in good conscience, make an anime about bread that introduces bread lightsabers in episode 2, yet never does a bread lightsaber battle? Whatever made them think it was okay to dangle that in front of the audience and then take it away? What did we ever do to them?

6. They Never Told Us What It Means To Be a Bread Buddy

Sure, you could be forgiving and assume that ‘bread buddy’ just means “a chick I eat bread with.” However, I would have preferred a Death Note-style outline of the rules, so we could learn exactly what being a bread buddy entails. Like:


1. Eat bread together
2. Don’t talk about Bread Buddies (unless your mouth is full of bread).
3. If you see someone eating rice, rip it out of their mouth and replace it with French Bread.
4. If they persist in eating rice, impale them with your French Bread Lightsaber.
5. Be sure to say “I can’t even BREAD!” at least once a day.
6. Kiss a girl and like it.

See, I could ask you to be my Bread Buddy. But thanks to Pan de Peace‘s shoddy world-building efforts, I wouldn’t even know what I was asking for. I could end up in Fluffy Melon Bread heaven, or hanging upside down with a limited edition ciabatta sandwich stuck up my ass. That sounds dangerous.

7. No Lesbian Orgy During the Sleepover

Honestly I didn’t have a problem with this, but my husband insisted that if I was writing a list about the most disappointing aspects of Pan de Peace, this needed to be on it.

8. We Never Get To See Yuu’s Manga

It’s bad enough that, by law, each and every anime must have at least one manga artist among its cast. However, if you’re going to make someone a mangaka, let us see the goddamned manga. They do a whole episode ostensibly about Yuu and her manga, but we only get to see one shitty demon bear drawing(?) and never the actual manga. I’d like to think that Yuu’s manga is some kind of bread/magical girl hybrid, featuring a Noa-chan doppleganger who uses crumbs like magical fairy dust, but now I’ll never know.

9. The Last Episode Had A Recap Segment

They thought that they needed a recap in Episode 13, because we might not remember all the different breads they ate over the course of the show (which wasn’t that many, SEE ABOVE).

Think about it: Someone involved in the production of a 3-minute anime, including the opening, said “You know what we could use right now? A recap episode.”

10. Some Episodes Didn’t Even Have Bread In Them

Seriously what the fuck

Otakusphere Weekly #11: James Bond is a Stupid War-College Graduate

Download this episode (right click and save)

In this episode we commiserate that Joker Game has completely ruined James Bond for us, to the extent that we ever liked James Bond in the first place (we didn’t.) Meanwhile, Kiznaiver is busy climaxing all over the place, Super Lovers gets downright scandalous (or so the internet says), Saraato might be made from Dagan Zot’s evil gallbladder, and we come this close to having another Melon Bread Incident. Fortunately, Cod Roe Bread is an honestly-named bread, therefore Sal avoided the catastrophic meltdown that could have destroyed us all.

00:00:29 General Otaku Chat: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus, Fate//Extra, Odin Sphere Lefthrasir, Rainy Cocoa
00:20:54 Big Order 8
00:25:29 Kiznaiver 9
00:31:26 The Lost Village 10
00:41:46 Re:Zero 10
00:45:30 Flying Witch 9
00:47:57 Joker Game 10
00:50:44 Twin Star Exorcists 9
00:58:20 Macross Delta 10
01:00:34 Kuma Miko 10
01:03:58 Bakuon!! 10
01:05:25 And You Thought There Was Never A Girl Online 9
01:10:14 Shonen Maid 8
01:12:12 High School Fleet 9
01:16:35 Anne Happy 9
01:18:25 Tanaka-kun is Always Listless 9 (also we hate McDonalds)
01:22:06 Super Lovers 9
01:26:38 Cerberus 10
chibi league
01:30:45 Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou 9
01:32:43 Space Patrol Luluco 10
01:38:45 Pan de Peace 10

Show Notes:

  1. We speculated during our gaming chat that you needed to beat the game in Heroic mode in order to get the platinum trophy for Odin Sphere Leifthrasir; strangely, this is not true.
  2. The Re:Zero novels are not available in English as of this writing, but the first volume is being published by Yen Press in July.
  3. Softenni has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks. Alas, there is no OVA episode:(
  4. Despite appearances, we have not all dropped Sakamoto; since LB was absent this week and Lifesong has dropped it for the time being, we just skipped it this episode. Stay tuned next episode for the Sakamoto date to end Sakamoto dates.

Otakusphere Weekly #10: Cat Catapults and Ladybug Money

Download this episode (right click and save)

In this episode, we are joined by Neontaster, the guy who is responsible for maybe 50% of the content of what is known in the wider world as “Anitwitter.” Actually, it isn’t known to the wider world since the only people who even know what Anitwitter is are already a part of it, but perhaps it should be? Just like we here at Otakusphere Weekly are ambassadors for Shonen Maid, the underrated show of the season, perhaps YOU should become an ambassador for Anitwitter?

Anyway, Neontaster reminds me yet again that Kabaneri is a great show and I was dumb for not picking it up, Lifesong and I are confounded about the fact that we still enjoy Super Lovers despite the show’s best efforts to make us throw up our hands and walk away, LB has a date with Sakamoto that puts me to shame (and that will be avenged, make no mistake), and Sal is apparently some kind of Trigger historian who must secretly be involved in the production of Space Patrol Luluco, and probably Kiznaiver too while we’re at it.

00:00:00 Introductions
00:00:28 General Otaku Chat: Funimation Broadcast Dubs, Neon gets his first dolly, MegaCon 2016, Sailor Moon Drops
00:26:33 Big Order 7
00:34:23 Kiznaiver 8
00:47:56 The Lost Village 9
00:53:25 ReZero 9
01:01:20 Flying Witch 8
01:04:05 Joker Game 9
01:08:35 Twin Star Exorcists 8
01:13:23 Macross Delta…something?
01:17:16 Kuma Miko 9
01:19:05 Bakuon!! 9
01:23:47 And You Thought There Was Never A Girl Online 8
01:27:47 Special Neontaster bonus segment!

01:35:02 Shonen Maid 7
01:38:32 High School Fleet 8
01:42:46 Anne Happy 8
01:46:23 Tanaka-kun is Always Listless 7 & 8
01:49:12 Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto 7
01:54:40 Super Lovers 8 & 9
02:00:33 Cerberus 8
chibi league
02:04:10 Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou 8
02:06:25 Space Patrol Luluco 9
02:11:13 Pan de Peace 9

Otakusphere Weekly #9: The War On Semicolons

Download this episode (right click and save)

This was an atypical show here at Otakusphere Weekly; in addition to welcoming Zeke Freek from the Baka Gaijin podcast, we changed up the order a bunch. Since our whole Sempai/Kohai system wouldn’t really match what Zeke is watching this season, we spent more time on our general otaku rambling (in which we investigate the offerings coming up next season), and talked about some shows we don’t normally talk about. Conversely, since this was a punishing week for both LB and Lifesong in particular, we also skipped a few shows that we normally cover– expect us to double-up on those next time.

In other news, LB informs me of the existence of Sailor Moon Drops, an SM-themed Match-3 game; this was likely a mistake on his part.

00:00:00 General Otaku Chat (plus upcoming Summer Anime Season speculation): ReWrite, Big Order (the manga– you know, the good version), Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!Final Fantasy XV, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir


00:58:49 Kiznaiver 7
01:08:15 Twin Star Exorcists 7
01:11:51 Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress 7
01:19:16 My Hero Academia 8
01:21:35 And You Thought There Was Never A Girl Online 7
01:28:32 Big Order 6
01:33:59 The Lost Village 8
01:41:25 Re:Zero 8
01:48:13 Flying Witch 7
01:50:20 Joker Game 8
01:53:38 Kuma Miko 8
01:57:24 Bakuon!! 8
02:02:36 Shonen Maid 6
02:05:14 High School Fleet 7
02:10:59 Anne Happy 7
02:12:45 Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto 6
02:14:40 Cerberus 8
02:19:03 Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou 7
02:20:19 Space Patrol Luluco 8
02:23:04 Pan de Peace 8


Otakusphere Weekly #8: How Dextrous

Download this episode (right click and save)

I had a cup of half-caff coffee before recording this show, which didn’t seem to have the effect on my brain that I was hoping for. Fortunately, no amount of any psychoactive drug would have made Big Order 5 go down smoothly anyway, so it ended up not mattering much one way or the other. Lifesong and I spent quite a while trying to figure out just what was going on in the wake of that episode, like two beaten, shipwrecked survivors clinging to a rock together after a hurricane.

In other news this week, we continue to be haunted by Re:Zero and the shadow of the Jealous Witch, the charm of Anne-Happy is intoxicating, The Lost Village is less of a train wreck and more of a slow, deliberate collision between two vehicles that happen to be trains, and Shonen Maid, of all things, makes us cry. Also, Space Patrol Luluco makes us wonder the eternal question, “Why did no one try setting them on fire before?”

00:00:00 General Otaku Chat: Muramasa Rebirth (again), Chi’s Sweet Home, Sword Art OnlineD.Gray Man, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

00:12:50 Big Order 5
00:21:20 Kiznaiver 6
00:25:53 The Lost Village 7
00:30:58 Re:Zero 7
00:36:37 Flying Witch 6
00:39:50 Joker Game 7
00:48:00 Twin Star Exorcists 6
00:50:20 Macross Delta 7
00:54:29 Kuma Miko 7
00:58:58 Bakuon!! 7
01:04:35 And You Thought There Was Never a Girl Online 6


01:11:30 Shonen Maid 5
01:14:50 High School Fleet 6
01:22:58 Anne-Happy 6
01:27:45 Tanaka-kun is Always Listless 6 
01:30:23 Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto 5
01:31:55 Super Lovers 7
01:36:18 Cerebrus 7
01:40:50 Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou 6
01:43:46 Space Patrol Luluco 7
00:49:31 Pan De Peace 7

1. Reki Kawahara’s third light novel series is called The Isolater; it’s been licensed by Yen Press.
2. During the Macross Delta discussion, Sal meant to refer to Walkure’s lead singer as Mikumo.

Anime Rescue: Spring 2016

Four times a year, dozens of young, bright-eyed anime characters are set loose upon the world. As joyous as this miracle of nature is, sadly, every season many characters are deployed to the wrong shows, leading to much unnecessary stress and existential angst. For the cost of just one Cup Ramen per day, YOU can send an anime character to where they’ll truly thrive; away from the unappreciative jerks on their own shows.

Let’s learn more about this season’s crop of unfortunates, and what you–  no, what we ALL– can do to help. Continue reading Anime Rescue: Spring 2016

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