Strip Search #13: Marshmallow Surprise


Stuck judging an episode of your favorite web-reality series and start feeling just a mite peckish? Roast marshmallows over a space heater, like the pros at Penny Arcade!

This episode, the fourth elimination, had a surprise, cliffhanger-ish ending that divided the fandom. More important for our purposes here, I tried to draw my own comic strip based on the elimination challenge and thoroughly embarrassed myself, but hopefully in a funny way? Continue reading Strip Search #13: Marshmallow Surprise

Strip Search 12: Magic Skateboards

An oversexed mage

While I can see why the WoTC people went with the design they did, I really liked Katie’s “sexy” design. It really took the character in a different direction, which was something I think a lot of the artists were afraid to do.

While Graham disappointed me by not donning his gas mask at any point, this was a great 20 minutes of art-entertainment. The “Design a Skateboard Based on this Character” challenge was fun, and it even featured that watching-people-draw-over-the-shoulder stuff viewers have been clamoring for (no seriously, apparently they have.) Personally, I only just learned how to play Magic:The Gathering a few months ago, so I wasn’t over the moon with excitement about the Wizards of The Coast cross-promotion, but dedicated Magic fans probably had to retire to their fainting couches about three minutes into this episode. Continue reading Strip Search 12: Magic Skateboards

Strip Search #11: Paint Fumes And Pineapples


I hope Graham occasionally dons the gas mask when he introduces challenges throughout the rest of the show. I mean, they already bought the things, may as well get their money’s worth.

In Strip Search 11, the kids get to spray paint the walls of someone’s garage, and for a minute there I thought someone was definitely going to end up going to the hospital for inhaling paint fumes, but the team wisely provided gas masks for all.

That’s totally something that would have happened on America’s Greatest Otaku, though. Continue reading Strip Search #11: Paint Fumes And Pineapples

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