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FFIV: The Uncomfortable Truth

I did this little FFIV strip because I was experimenting with something, which is why it looks a little rough around the edges. Kind of a neat idea though, just taking ideas from random FFs and turning them into one-page strips….next time though, COLOR.

Loved the designs in FFVI DS, by the way- well, except for Rosa; I have no clue what happened there.

Fanart: Bayonetta

I honestly have no idea why I drew Bayonetta, I remember at the time the game came out, I had, like, A REASON (something in particular I was trying to portray about the character), but I can’t remember for the life of me what that was. Even though she’s not a character I’m particularly fond of (and I’ve never played the game), I think it came out well- now, if only I could remember what this was FOR….

Riorla, first draft

This was my first take on Riorla from Dark Juice Box, before I had an idea who she was and she became much scrappier and less elongated. I think I originally did a quick sculpture in Crayola Model Magic that inspired the character, which was about the size of my thumb.

Even though it really looks nothing like Riorla anymore, I still kind of like this drawing- she’s like the big sister that Riorla doesn’t have. Maybe a cousin.

Fanart: Ayla, Chrono Trigger

I got to Chrono Trigger very late in the game (like, 2009 late), but I was really impressed with the characters. I tried to do a series of the Chrono Trigger characters and ended up just doing the girls (which is so typical.) Why did I keep giving Ayla such tiny feet? She is a warrior who clubs robots to death with her bare hands, it makes no sense! Ah well, flawed but kinda cute.