What Is The Otakusphere?

The Otakusphere started out as Karen’s personal blog, which featured anime blogging along with some other odds and ends. During 2016, the blog was changed into a group anime blog, focusing on otaku culture and anime in particular.

Basically, with a name like “The Otakusphere,” it just made sense to start doing something more ambitious. We probably can’t cover the entire Otakusphere, but hell, we can try!

Our Philosophy:

Our take on anime news and criticism is that we’re fans first, critics second. This means that while we respect the role of critics and will aim to be good ones, our primary responsibility is to create a site by and for people who love anime. While we won’t shy away from harsh criticism when warranted, we are not classically trained literary critics or academics, and will not attempt to take on those roles. It’s possible that by acknowledging this, we run the risk of being seen as anti-intellectual, whereas what we really want to avoid is psuedo-intellectualism. We believe that, if you possess genuine intellectual curiousity, you can produce worthwhile criticism that doesn’t need to copy or borrow from models developed for use decades ago in academia.

To put it another way: We review the show, not the audience.


Karen: A former newspaper reporter with awards from the New York Press Association and the Press Club of Long Island, Karen decided that she’d had it with writing about politics and decided to write about cartoons and plush toys instead. When not overanalyzing the latest anime all about bread (because there’s always an anime about bread), Karen enjoys being a Mom, promising she’ll get back to drawing comics someday and not doing it, writing fantasy novels, and playing JRPGs in bed.

Follow her at @TheOtakusphere

Adam: He was looking for a light anime to watch on the beach this summer; he found Berserk 2016.

Don’t follow him anywhere because he’s not sure if he trusts you (and really, can you blame him?)

Wilson: Primary tech support guy, sometimes camera man, and resident figure collector. Wilson is Karen’s husband, but in his mind, his real waifu is Rin Tohsaka and he’s not sure who that strange woman who lives in his house is.

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